In Memory: Jim Dornan



It is with great sadness that I must share with you the news of the passing of Founders Crown Ambassador and Founders Council Member Jim Dornan.

With an unshakable drive for success and a desire to change lives for the better, Jim Dornan and his wife Nancy have, quite simply, built a legendary Amway business. As Founders Crown Ambassador IBOs with 55 FAA (Founders Achievement Award) points, they have inspired thousands of IBOs to build their own businesses in North America and around the world. All this from humble beginnings, based on not much more than the big dreams of a determined young couple.

Jim and Nancy started their Amway business in 1970. Both were bright young graduates of Purdue University at the time and filled with hope, dreams, and promise for the future. After hearing some of the things Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel spoke of, the Dornans knew they wanted a different kind of life … a better life for their family’s future. Jim and Nancy were so confident their Amway business would succeed that Nancy chose to stay home with their first baby, Heather, and Jim left his job as an aerospace engineer at 25 to focus on growing the Dornans’ fledgling Amway business.

A key contribution to the Dornans’ business success comes from Jim’s core belief that anyone who is willing to learn and willing to work can succeed – in the Amway business and in life. Doug DeVos said, “Jim always believed the number-one product he took to any marketplace – around the world – was the Amway business plan. He knew that plan could provide the opportunity for anyone to become someone special – just like him. His global legacy is rare and enduring. He will be missed so much.”
Rich DeVos added, “Jim’s success in Amway can only be eclipsed by his gentle spirit of generosity. He didn’t just help distributors build a business; he was about building things into their lives – like developing principles, morals, and success.”

Steve Van Andel said, “Jim Dornan’s organization might have North American roots, but its impact has been felt around the globe. He built his business by walking beside others, helping them understand and realize their full potential and he will be missed.”

Jim Dornan always taught, and lived by, the philosophy that there is no success in life without significance. He felt it was essential to live with a sense of purpose. Together, Jim and Nancy have built an entire Network of Caring, with several initiatives that are helping people around the world live better lives. Through their Network of Caring, the Dornans have mobilized thousands to sponsor children around the world, built a school and home for needy children in India, purchased hearing aids for a deaf school in China, provided more than 5,000 free wheelchairs to people in half a dozen developing countries – with more to come, and so much more.

Jim and Nancy have also worked with their son, Eric, to launch Power Soccer, a sport for power wheelchair athletes. With Eric’s passion for the development of the sport, the Dornan family has helped to expand the number of Power Soccer teams in the U.S. from three to 60, helped to provide power wheelchairs modified for the sport, and begun to organize a network of power wheelchair athletes.
Jim was always humble about his family’s philanthropy and felt that the highest success of all is sharing your good fortune with others. “We don’t do it for the credit,” he said. “People get obsessed with success … One hundred percent of the time, that doesn’t work. If it’s just about success, your well will soon run dry.”

I once had a private conversation with Jim about his passion for helping handicapped children and I walked away knowing that Jim was one of the smartest, most compassionate people I would ever meet. Everyone who knew him smiled when they saw him. He exuded an amazing positive energy, even when he was battling his own illness. He has left a legacy of making people feel good about themselves – of making them happy and optimistic – and he will be greatly missed by the global Amway family.
Jim is survived by his wife Nancy, daughter Heather, son Eric and his wife Abbie, son David and his wife Jules, and three grandchildren. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nancy and the entire Dornan family, as well as their friends and extended IBO family throughout the world.

John Parker
Amway Chief Sales Officer


Friends and associates are invited to offer a personal tribute in honor of Jim and to celebrate his life. Following the instructions below, you can call and leave a voice message to share your memories of Jim, personal stories, or words of sympathy and encouragement. The messages will be compiled in one recording and presented to Nancy and the Dornan family.

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  • wiwik kristiyanti

    Rest in peace and thank u for what u have done

  • Nicholas D'Souza.

    A tremendous person who made great difference in the lives of people around the world with the network 21 opportunity.God grant his soul eternal rest. RIP. Strength to his family in these difficult moments. He is surely with the Lord who will welcome him with open arms to Paradise.

  • Ibrahim i Ermana Arifović

    Bila je čast poznavati dragog Jima. U našim je životima ostavio neizbrisiv trag. Iskreno suosjećamo u Vašoj boli.

  • Gary & Gayle Zirwes

    There are very few people who make an impact on your life. Jim and Nancy have taught us the most valuable lessons we have learned. Love the Lord, Love each other, your legacy is your family and those you touch. They have taught us that we are not only following our dearms and goals but we are writing our story. We get one shot at this so live a joyfilled life. Our hearts break for Nancy and family but are excited for the homecoming Jim has had with our Lord. Much peace my friends. God Bless

  • Fidah

    Jim Dornan has impacted many lives,all around the
    world,including ours.He has left a legacy that will
    live on after his passing…Thank you Jim.RIP.Fidah(Bani & Fidah,Singapore/Simon Thompson/Peter Cox)

  • Agustinus Budisusilo

    Jim I am very proud of you, you inspiring us in Indonesia, we love you and Nancy, great respect to you Jim and may rest in peace. We pray for you and Nancy. Our warm regard Budi and Wiwid

  • Guaren

    Our hearts go out to you, Nancy and your family. Jim was a great inspiration and you both made a WONDERFUL team! Blessings as you go through this difficult time.

  • Alex & Andreea Dumitrascu, Romania

    Everything we have in life now, family lifestyle and relationships, friendships, the philosophy of a success life, everything is because of Jim & Nancy and Network21. Our life has been built with Network21.

  • ham & kristiani

    Semoga Tuhan beri kekuatan dan penghiburan bagi keluarga yg di tinggalkan

  • Yulianto

    One of the best n great leader that I knew who has inspired million people in the world with his humbly life example…
    Really proud to know Jim Dornan n fam.
    Thank you very much for your life sharing with us.
    You have finished well..
    God bless you.. (Yulianto-Indonesia)

  • Kurniadi & Sriwati

    our condolences , may Strength from Above be with Family,,,,,

  • Agustinus Supriyono

    Thank you Jim, for having changed my life and my family… May God forgive all your sins, bless your soul and spirit and put you beside Him….

  • Sharon and Bob

    Jim, you brought hope, dreams and a path to hundreds of thousands … And you always did it with the essence of humility and grace. You’ve shown us all what it means to leave a legacy and we cannot thank you enough. Thank you for being a model of integrity and exemplary living by always walking your talk. Our hearts go out to Nancy in the vacuum, and we look forward to that time when we all meet again

  • Gerald W. Hamilton

    I didn’t know Jim personally, but I like to pass along my prayers and thoughts to the Dornan’s family.

  • Alfred J. "Ben" Rossi

    Nancy and family, My wife, Angelica, and I extend our deepest sympathy. We began in N21 back in the early 90’s but were cut down by the intro of the Internet, not being very tech knowledgable at the time. We have continued as IBO’s and followed N21 progress.
    Being Purdue U. grads in ’61, we have always felt a common tie with you and Jim.

  • Nonto Ngcob

    Words can never articulate our sadness at Jim’s untimely departure, but the overiding feeling is that of deep gratitude to God for the life of Jim Dornan. What a blessing to the world! We wish Nancy and family strength during this time.

  • Sevil Seval Unlu

    I am terribly sorry to hear about the loss of our dear leader Jim Dornan and I share the immense sorrow of his family members, his friends and colleagues.

  • Dearest Nancy, David, Heather and Eric – I have virtually learn my relationship and financial skills from the Teachings of Jim and you Nancy. Jim has been very consistent and clear with his principles. What a life of significance he had lived. May h e rest in peace and May God bless all of you for showering your blessing to the whole world. Our Heartiest Condolence to you and your family.

    Bannir, Rani and family


    I am quite sure that Jim is with the Lord.He had touch many lives in a positive way with Amway.May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  • R.I.P Jim. Thank you for all you have done, for all the love you spread around the globe, for every heart you touch and for bring hope into so many lives. You always will be remembered with LOVE.

  • sarwoto

    although I never become a 21% and finally quit, Jim had left me a great impression that the spirit of hardworking, loyalty and positive thinking would really will pay off if you teachable and follow the path.

    So long Jim, thanks for the memories.



  • To Jim and Nancy, you never knew while I struggled with myself during my Amway years.
    However, I hung on every word as I listened to your tapes from 1982 to 2002, I didn’t make it with Amway because it wasnt my time, I had not grown enough to take charge of my life.
    Today, I count you both as one of the most influential forces in my life, the lessons you taught me through those tapes will never to known to you, but I KNOW !

    I just want to say that, as we travel through this life, we never know how important we may be to someone out there who needs our encouragement from afar.

    Bless you both for the contribution you have unknowingly made to the lives of me and my family.

    I love you both.

    Graham, from OZ

  • Marcie

    My deepest sympathies to Nancy and her family. May your many happy memories comfort you now, and sweeten with time.

    “Nothing that was worthy in the past departs; no truth or goodness realized by man ever dies, or can die.”
    -Thomas Carlyle

  • Peter Finno

    I want to thank you for being the leader that you were and for giving a lot of people hope. Fight on you Nobel Warrior…..God Bless….

  • Elena Erdman

    So very sorry to hear about Jim’s passing. My husband who passed three years ago and I were active in Network 21 for several years. We learned so many valuable things from both of them. They built people up and gave them hope and strength. Always, always miss them.

  • helen

    Thank you for being my guru thank you for being my role model only heaven will reveal how many people life you have changed

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