Indy Toledo and Roly González




From shifting sand to security – “There are a lot of moms who use their kids as an excuse not to build an Amway™ business,” states Indy González. “My kids (Rolando, 16, and Ernesto, 15) don’t miss a single event. In fact, they tell us, ‘I want to be an Amway Diamond.’ That’s the greatest satisfaction!”

Not only are Indy and Roly’s boys excited about their future with Amway, they’re also the catalyst behind the couple starting their business in the first place.

Even though they lived more comfortably than most Cubans, the Gonzálezes saw through Roly’s job at the television station that life could offer more. Forbidden to the general population, cable television is a service that tourists and diplomats expect.

“It was like we were building sand castles in Cuba. We knew if we wanted security for our family, we had to be in the United States,” Roly says.

Once here, he found work in the booming home construction industry. Indy worked as a nurse’s assistant. Before long, they purchased a new house and cars. Then it hit them: “We were in over our heads financially,” he admits.

So when friends told them about the Amway™ business opportunity, “we realized this was the opportunity we’d come looking for,” he says.

Then, the real estate market declined. Roly lost his job. Indy had recently left hers when they qualified for Silver.

“We took a leap of faith and moved to Miami because it was the closest city with open meetings,” Roly says. “We put in a great effort and upline mentors took us by the hand. They helped us help our team to dream bigger.”

Today, they have peace of mind, experience the freedom to travel, and pay cash for everything. “Thanks to Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel,” Roly says, “millions of lives have been changed for the better, including ours.”

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