Ines Guevara and Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez and Ines Guevara met while serving up burgers and fries. As love blossomed between them, one thing became clear: The future they dreamed of could not be built on fast food incomes.

“We wanted to be independent, so we decided to establish a business” selling women’s fashion accessories, Pedro says.

Tired of “being cooped up” in one place all day, Pedro left the running of their business kiosk to Ines and took a job as a cab driver.
“We settled into this routine we couldn’t get out of,” Ines says. “We hardly spent time together, working such long hours.” As their communication deteriorated, they teetered “on the brink of divorce.”

When the AMWAY™ business opportunity came into their lives, Ines saw the possibilities of travel, a good education for their daughters, and a second chance for their marriage. “And I really liked the idea of dressing like a professional instead of wearing jeans and tennis shoes all day!”

Despite “many personal challenges,” including Pedro being kidnapped during a routine pick up (he was released unharmed) and being evicted from their apartment by new landlords, “We never lost our focus or belief in our AMWAY business,” he says. “Because of these experiences, we can tell other IBOs it’s going to be OK when challenges come.”

The bright future Pedro and Ines once dreamed of is now within reach. Best of all, “We are a united family,” she says, adding that they and their daughters (Emily, 21, Roxana, 19, and Arianna, 16) share “many goals of helping people and animals.” They’ve already rescued seven dogs, and they hope someday to give two boys a forever family. They’re also looking

forward to traveling more and coming home to the house of their dreams.

“We’re very grateful for our AMWAY business,” Ines says, “because it changed the story of our lives.”

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Emerald Income Disclosure

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  • crystal jauregui

    There story has really made me open my eyes and realize that this business is real and effective. They are wonderful mentors n I’m so lucky to have them apart of my life. There like my family n I can’t wait to be apart of the amway life with there help I knw I can be successful in this business

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