Insight from the next generation of Amway IBOs

One of the beautiful things to see in any business is when “the next generation” wants to invest their time and talents doing what their parents have done. This fall a group of  second and third generation (G2, G3) IBOs came to Amway Headquarters in Ada, Michigan, to  share their perspectives  and to hear what Amway has planned to engage these young IBOs to continue growing their businesses.

Their days were filled with meetings with key leaders, product previews, business opportunity messaging, and interaction with other G2 and G3 IBOs. Here is what they have to share about their visit.

David Dussault: “I was very impressed with how clean, really immaculate, everything is. The Amway employees are friendly and excited across the board. I really liked that the company was open to listening to what we  had to say about what IBOs need and want. It is great to have the dialog on how the company can support the next generation. I am proud to be associated with this company that is so amazing and totally first class. I really enjoyed meeting with Doug DeVos at his house!”

Neil and Sirisha Gala: “This day was very important to us. We were looking forward to this trip for a long time. We got to see how the IBOAI operates and how much they do for so many IBOs. The board members put in so much time and effort to make sure all IBOs are treated fairly. And, it was a great dream builder for the both of us because we know that one day we will be serving on the board as well.”

Cale Andrews (comments sent via Cale’s iPad): “I see from the Corporation they are as serious about my success and the future of our business as we are. We are in this for the long haul, together! They are continually working on providing us with products and a model we canuse to build our family business. We are able to continue showing the plan and driving the miles with confidence that this investment is the best place to build our future.” “Meeting with Doug DeVos was an amazing honor; no one else I graduated university with had dinner with someone as important that night! He confidently told us that Amway will continue to supply world class, cutting edge, sexy products that we can build our business around. Now is the time for us to build it big, the corporation has taken care of all the infrastructure, so we can produce world-class results with this business model.”

Joe Victor: “For me, three things stand out. One, spending one-on-one time (as a small group) with Doug DeVos at his home and being able to share our goals and dreams for the next 50 years. Two, spending time with the other 2nd and 3rd Generation leaders and getting to know them better on a more personal level. And three, getting a chance to give our input and thoughts on new ideas that Amway is coming up with. It is great to know that Amway is willing to hear what we have to say about the future of the business.”

Jason & Stacy Dutt: “We are continually impressed with the synergy and commitment exhibited by the IBOAI Board and the Corporation. These folks truly have the interests of the newest IBO at heart, and are working diligently to ensure that this business opportunity only gets better for each future generation. The opportunity to collaborate with other G2 and G3 leadership was amazing. Every one of us has a passion for the business, for the difference it makes in people’s lives, and are on the front lines together. We couldn’t be more confident about the bright future that IBOs have, and there’s never been a better time to cultivate that future than right now. Run with it…build your legacy…and one day your grandchildren will thank you. Rock on!”

Photos courtesy of Joe Victor.  (Thanks, Joe!)

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