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Founders Executive Diamond

Puerto Rico

Lasting Bonds Lead to a Lasting Business – Ivan Morales has not had an easy life. But he has also had many blessings, including Amway, which has played a key role in his family for many years.

His difficulties began when he was a child, living in Puerto Rico. “My mother had cancer and the treatments left her too ill to work a regular job,” he explains. “My parents were facing bankruptcy and were desperate for income. We had lost our car, our furniture – we had nothing.”

Building a family business
So when his father was introduced to the Amway™ business, he jumped at it. And eventually, they reached Diamond level. Not only did his parents’ success provide an income for the family, it gave them all hope.

Unfortunately, their troubles were not over. When Ivan was 19, his father was killed in a car accident. A year later, his mother died from the cancer. Without leadership, their Amway business faltered and did not requalify.

Fast forward a few years: Ivan is now in charge of his parents’ business and doing some modeling on the side to earn extra income. Carmen, too, was modeling at the time. They met at a casting for a TV commercial, fell in love, and got married. Soon after that, they were expecting their first child. And that changed everything.

“I thought, ‘What are we going to do?’” recalls Carmen. “I had no job and with a new baby, we could not possibly live on the income our business was generating back then.”

“That was the trigger for me,” Ivan states. “I decided that I would try to revive my parents’ Amway business and see if we could make it work.”

It was not easy. “At first, it seemed that all we did was make errors,” says Carmen. “Error after error after error …”

We want everyone to enjoy the quality of life we have. That’s what we emphasize the most. – Ivan Morales

Learning through mentorship
To say they learned by their mistakes is an understatement. But they had many other ways of learning, too, including the leaders who were still active in the business his parents had started – some of whom had 20 or 30 years of experience.

They say that their mentors were invaluable in helping to educate them, as were all the Amway training programs. “There is so much support when you’re starting an Amway business, or in our case, trying to revive one,” says Ivan. “We were 100 percent connected to learning, from product training and reading materials to events to seminars and conventions, and, of course, the mentoring from our own team, who had gone through many of the same things we were going through. And, too, I remembered a lot from watching my father when I was a boy.”

He and Carmen were both determined to make it work. “It wasn’t so much that I needed to show anyone else that we could do it, but I needed to prove to myself that, yes, we can do this,” recalls Ivan.

Lots of support
Taking control of a business that included downline IBOs who qualified at pin levels higher than theirs was a challenge at first. They were afraid that people would resent the fact that they started with a business initiated by Ivan’s father and didn’t have the experience of building a business from step one. But that was not the case. “People were super supportive and I thank God for that,” says Ivan.

Soon they became adept at training new leaders. They found they could often identify potential leaders from “vital signs” they might show:

  • Are they the first to show up for the seminars?
  • Do they follow your advice and volunteer to do more?
  • Do they raise their hands and ask questions?

“Although these traits don’t guarantee that someone is going to be a leader, they do show they’re heading in the right direction,” says Ivan. “Then it’s up to us to show patience in developing them. We are always looking for our next star.”

Two kinds of dreams
They found, too, that other people are motivated by dreams, just as they were. They believe there are two kinds of dreams: those that come from pain and those that come from pleasure. “The ones that come from pain are those that really hurt if you don’t achieve them, like being able to spend time with your children, for example,” says Ivan. “Those are the ones that burn deep inside and will move you.”

“The dreams or goals that come from pleasure, like say, buying a new car, don’t really make that much difference in your life. If you achieve them, great, but if not, well, it’s not that important in the bigger overall picture. They’re momentary pleasures,” he continues. “It’s the dreams that come from pain that motivate you to go to the seminar or sell a product when maybe you don’t feel like it.”

It’s an interesting approach and no doubt comes from Ivan’s own experiences. Losing his parents at an early age taught him that what really matters most is family. “We are so fortunate that our business has given us the time and flexibility to spend time with our two boys,” observes Carmen. “We do everything as a family. Ivan also volunteers at their school and he is one of only a few dads who does. I just wish more dads could experience that.”

The couple also enjoys hanging out with the boys at a nearby beach, one of their favorite spots to spend time together. “Our kids are learning these same family values and I believe they will grow into happy adults because of it,” says their mom.

Lasting bonds
Relationships are something they strongly emphasize when telling others about the business. “We talk a lot about the lasting bonds you make and how our friends have become more like family,” says Ivan, noting another aspect of their experience they find satisfying.

That’s not to say they ignore the income-producing side of the business. In fact, they find it’s crucial that new IBOs begin earning money right away. Their advice? Immediately start using Amway products in your home. “If you own a business that sells the types of products you use, why would you continue buying from any other company?” asks Ivan. “It makes no sense.”

It’s all about building a balanced business, he says. “People buy our products with confidence and it is a great way to introduce others to the business.”

When inviting people to gatherings to introduce them to the products, they ask them to bring their friends and family members, too. “You’ll find that some people will just want to be customers, but some will say, ‘Wait, we want to do what you’re doing,’” says Ivan. “This is how we build structure and create volume and how people start making money. If you do that consistently for a period of time, you will soon begin to qualify for higher levels, and then the sky is the limit.”

Magical moments
Now that they’ve achieved leadership positions themselves, they are determined to continue their important work in Puerto Rico. “At this point, we are not filling the coliseum to full capacity, but we know it can be done. Why not?”

If anyone can do it, these two can.

“We will keep going until we have helped everyone in our organization achieve the wonderful lifestyle we have today, with all its magical moments,” says Ivan.

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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