Jagveer and Manju Singh

When a colleague invited Jagveer Singh to hear more about the AMWAY® business opportunity, “I thought a little extra money couldn’t hurt,” he says of his reason for signing up.

Both he and Manju enjoy their careers and have no plans of retiring soon. Manju works in healthcare management at a prestigious hospital; Jagveer manages money.

What they couldn’t anticipate was how many more benefits there are to building an AMWAY business than extra income.

“Hanging around with people who are pursuing a similar path in life is very uplifting,” Manju says. “I’d miss the positive attitude of the people the most if we ever left this business.”

That attitude is a direct result of people pursuing the Amway business model, Jagveer believes. “In Amway, your success depends on helping others to succeed.” Unlike traditional business, an AMWAY business isn’t about “your individual efforts or how smartly you can play the game,” he says.

The Singhs also appreciate the positive environment the business created for their kids, Sameen (21) and Aseem (17).

“Our kids always saw us getting goals for ourselves,” says Manju.

“They saw us building this business with a tremendous amount of work ethic, honesty, and integrity,” Jagveer adds. “The motto in our house is ‘love and hard work.’”

There is time for play, however.

“Jagveer loves working in the garden, and I enjoy helping him,” says Manju. “We also like vacationing. I’m looking forward to going back to Hawaii at Diamond and would like to do more international travel.”

Jagveer also enjoys spending time at the gym every day. “I’m hooked on the NUTRILITE® nutritional supplements!” he adds.

From the products to the positive environment, Jagveer and Manju believe there are many reasons for building an AMWAY business.

“The example of our upline mentors has been the greatest of all,” he says.

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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