Javier and Silvia Chavez




Live for today, plan for tomorrow, and plant for the future - Back when Silvia was working at a dry cleaner and Javier was on the road for days at a time as a trucker, travel was a luxury they couldn’t afford. Not only didn’t they have the extra money, they simply didn’t have the time.

Today, planning their next trip brings them great pleasure, especially when it involves their grown children – all four IBOs – and grandchildren. Silvia and Javier first experienced the peace of mind Amway™ business ownership brings when they were at Platinum.

“Javier was injured in a bad accident and had to quit driving. We were already getting regular checks from Amway, and we never stopped getting them.”

That safety net helped Javier focus on his recovery, which took years. “We’ve learned we have to live for today, plan for tomorrow, and plant for the future,” Silvia says. A valuable lesson the couple learned: How to work as a team with your spouse and downline IBOs. “It’s important to focus on their wants and needs and not just your own desires,” Javier relates.

“We also learned that if you want to change the way you’re living, you have to change the way you’re thinking,” he says. “Our mentors helped us expand our vision.”

They no longer take for granted the potential in their Amway business – especially since it’s given them more time to spend together as a family. “We hope to travel to the Holy Land, Spain, and Brazil soon,” says Silvia, who’s grateful she’s able to visit her parents in Mexico every couple of months. “Wherever we are, we’re always offering people the opportunity.”

Living for today, planning for tomorrow, and planting for the future do seem to be the secret to success for Javier and Silvia.

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