Jehán and Yeni Fernandez


Founders Emerald


Freedom to live a better life – In pursuit of a better life, Jehán came to the U.S. from Cuba nine years ago while Yeni came a few years later. From the moment they were introduced to the Amway™ business two years ago by Jehán’s brother Luis, they knew it offered hope and the freedom to control their own time.

When they achieved Silver Producer level, Jehán and Yeni quit their jobs, reduced their expenses, and dedicated themselves full time to their business. Their persistence, ability to help others, and hard work paid off. As new Emeralds, Yeni says, “Our income has grown tremendously. We never could have done this in another career without learning English and getting more education. But with this business, anyone can do it if they’re willing to help others and work hard.” Jehán agrees: “You have to believe you can do it and never give up! You also have to help others believe they can do it, too.”

You have to believe you can do it and never give up! – Jehán

Jehán and Yeni enjoy having all the time they want with their daughter, Jade, who is almost a year old. They’re also pleased to have greater financial independence. “Thanks to this business, I can spend 24/7 for the rest of my life with my princess and little prince who is on the way,” exclaims Jehán.

Jehán and Yeni share many dreams, including retiring her parents from their jobs, helping others in their organization go Diamond, and buying the house of their dreams. Jehán adds, “Maybe a very nice boat, too!”

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