Jim Janz: Education is Not Only Important, It’s Vital to Our Business Growth


What gives the AMWAY™ business opportunity its competitive edge? Ask Crown Ambassador and Former IBOAI Chairman Jim Janz! He knows it inside and out, as he established in his Achievers 2009 presentation, Competitive Comparisons. “It’s not just about the numbers that indicate Amway is near the top in side-by-side comparisons of several multi-level marketing and direct selling compensation plans, although that is a big plus. It’s also about the company’s commitment to Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and wanting success for all the people in the business. Even though Amway has grown into a huge global corporation, the desire to keep the founding families’ spirit alive is evident today within the Corporation and in the field. There’s a personal quality, a feeling of family, and nurturing relationships that are rare and unique in the business world. Same with the products — NUTRILITE® vitamins and supplements and ARTISTRY® skincare products are innovative, exclusive, and superior. Other products in the marketplace don’t even come close.” Amway also offers a wide variety of top-quality resources for IBOs at no additional fee like product sales videos and online training courses.

In his presentations, Jim consistently makes the point that Amway offers people the opportunity to achieve what they want. Many years ago, a former Amway Vice President shared a newspaper clipping with Jim that cited the top six things people want in life. Later, Jim added the seventh:

1. Belonging
2. Appreciation
3. Freedom
4. Security
5. Money
6. Lifestyle of choice
7. Significance: Making a difference in people’s lives

The AMWAY business opportunity offers all seven.

Jim makes it clear that he’s a huge proponent of training and education for IBOs, especially the IBO-led training at Achievers. “It’s not only important, it’s vital in our business” He also recommends IBOs take online courses like Selling 101 through the Amway Learning Center.

When Jim served as IBOAI Chairman, he pushed the partnership between the field and the Corporation. Today, he finds it gratifying to witness the growth of this partnership. “Having IBO Leaders present at Achievers is a great way to demonstrate the strong partnership between the field and the Corporation. It shows unity, confidence, strength, and security. And it is fun to work with the corporate people. They are so generous and edifying.” By keeping the field and corporate partnership a priority, Jim believes “it will make the next 50 years as good as the last 50 years! It’s the key to longevity.”


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