Jitu and Neelam Gowda




A win-win situation for everyone – “Our goal is to create enough income so that we can do this full time and spend more time with our kids (sons Aditya, 5, and Akshay, 4),” Neelam Gowda states.

“This” is growing their Amway™ business while helping others do the same.

“Amway offers a win-win situation for everyone,” she continues. “I come from a family that owned a large, traditional business in India that failed for lack of business mentorship.” Amway is different from “anything we’ve experienced before,” says Neelam, who, like Jitu, works in the health care industry.

While initially viewing the opportunity as a means to help pay off school loans, the Gowdas quickly embraced the transformative power of mentoring they saw at work in the business.

“We saw a lot of professionals who, despite their success, were still pursuing a solid Amway business. That attracted us to learn more,” says Jitu.

They began working in earnest with their upline mentors to develop their leadership and communication skills. “We have such respect for them,” he says.

They’re also passionate about the products that are the cornerstone of their business. “The new NUTRILITE® Fruits & Vegetables 2GO Twist Tubes are awesome!” says Jitu, who’s discovered them to be a “door opener” at work. Neelam wonders how they could possibly “wear so many hats” as professionals, parents, and business owners without the help of NUTRILITE supplements and XS® energy drinks.

Both are planning to hang up their professional hats for good in the next couple of years. “We don’t want to be enjoying that lifestyle by ourselves,” he says, “so we’re planning to help a lot of families achieve what we have!”

The couple also has a goal of visiting one new country a year. First up? “Switzerland in 2013!” Neelam says excitedly. “It’s our mission to tell the world that Amway works!”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure


  • Rahul Gujar

    Congratulations sir!!!!
    U r our real hope!!!!
    dat if u can do it we can do it!!!!

  • Manish Thapa

    Thank you Jitu and Neelam for your guidance and leadership. If feels awesome to know that we are on the same path to success right behind you guys.

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