Joe Markiewicz: Be Transparent, Relevant, and Relatable as a Mentor and Coach

When it comes to relatable, relevant and engaging presentations on topics such as Fast Track, Exceeding New IBO Expectations, and Making Your Hard Work Count, Double Diamond Joe Markiewicz is a real pro. Ask Joe his secret and he responds,”It’s simple. Be transparent.” Every educational session Joe leads begins with a variation of  “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m an IBO just like you. This is what I do every day in my business. It’s not a theory. I’m not being paid to get up here and say this. You can trust me ’cause I won’t tell you anything I don’t believe in personally. After all, this business is my livelihood and my future, just like it is yours.”

In Exceeding New IBO Expectations, Joe shared advice on how Leaders can help new IBOs get off to a good start — make money in the short term, stay in the business, and succeed financially long term. “When they sign up, explain what’s going to happen during the next few months. Define what others will do — the Upline as a mentor and coach, the importance of their Approved Provider, and the role of the Corporation and the Learning Center. Be forthright. Let them know legitimate rewards will require legitimate work, and there are no guarantees.” It’s important to build a long-term relationship based on honesty and trust, starting from day one with each IBO you bring into your organization. As Joe often remarks, “You don’t want anyone to say ‘No one told me’ or leave because it’s not at all how they were told it would be.” He also cautions those who have been in the business awhile, “Gone are the days of just throwing people into the business with an IBO number, and expect them to be successful. You need to make them feel like they are more than a number; they need to be encouraged, appreciated, and valued.”

Knowing the difference between busy and being productive is essential in the business and that’s just what Joe demonstrated in Making Your Hard Work Count. In his uncanny ability to simplify what seems complex, Joe explains, “ At one time, IBO Leaders understood the compensation plan because they distributed the money themselves. It was apparent then that a balanced business matters. Now with automation and everyone placing their own orders online, IBOs have become naive about the need for a balanced business and how to make money in the business. And because so many are doing it part-time, there’s not a lot of time to study the sales plan. That’s why the Business Modeling Tool is effective. By using this tool, IBOs learn where to spend their time to be productive and what differential is about. ”

Joe strongly recommends training through the Amway Learning Center in addition to Upline coaching and mentoring. He is also excited about the Corporation and Field partnership in developing and presenting training at Achievers. By having recognized IBO leaders partnering with the Corporation, “the message is getting out and being listened to — it’s more credible.”

In Joe’s opinion, “Education and training are essential. It’s what makes the Amway™ business better than other MLMs. It gives you knowledge and knowledge is power. IBOs who are knowledgeable are more likely to be successful. It’s a win-win situation.”


  • Oswaldo SARAVIA

    I love it good to know it

  • Daryl Laman

    That’s my upline and he is AWESOME. Always on track, honest, insightful and a terrific teacher. No one deserves recognition more than Joe and Mary Beth for what they do for and how they represent the core values of Amway and LTD! (even though they are also humble and do not seek recognition) The world is better off for people like them and those that are following them.

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