Johana and Heraclio Puentes

Heraclio and Johana Puentes have hit their stride building their AMWAY™ business, and they’re not about to stop now.

Just last year, they entered Sapphire qualification and a month later learned they’d be qualifying as Emeralds, too. “That was a big surprise!” remarks Heraclio.

The former construction worker and his wife couldn’t have foreseen the many benefits to come when they started their AMWAY business.

“We were stuck in the same routine that most people are,” Johana recalls. Heraclio worked long days, and paying the bills was always a struggle. “Life was hard because we didn’t have much hope,” she says.

However, she continues, “We did everything we were supposed to do” as new IBOs “and we listened to our sponsors when they spoke about the things we could accomplish with this opportunity.” In time, they began to believe in themselves and a brighter future for their family (Brisa, 13, and Kathy, 10).

“Now, more than anything, our goal is to help other people find the satisfaction we’ve found,” Johana says.

Eventually, Heraclio was able to leave his job and join his wife in building their business full time. While challenging at first, the experience really helped them grow as a couple and individuals. “We work together, travel together – and we love it!” he says.

The Puentes family is looking forward to purchasing a home in the near future, complete with stables for their three horses. Trips to the Pacific Riviera and, of course, Diamond Club in Maui top their vacation wish list. And knowing they’ll be able to care for their parents and provide a good education for their daughters is a huge relief to Heraclio and Johana.

“AMWAY opened a door of hope for us,” she says. “We truly believe it’s the best opportunity for creating the future of your dreams.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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