Juan Bravo and Sonia Iturralde


Working together to grow their business – Juan and Sonia Bravo owned traditional retail businesses in their native Mexico. But they never seemed to get ahead. “I enjoyed retailing,” she says, “but I was becoming frustrated with the results.”

So the couple headed north to the Land of Opportunity. Once here, however, things went from bad to worse.

“I worked as a cook at a fast food restaurant and Juan was employed in food prep. We lived in a basement, sharing one room with our children (Lucy, now 22, and Andrés, 18). Sometimes we didn’t have enough money to even buy diapers.”

When they learned about the AMWAY™ business opportunity, “I realized this was much bigger than retail sales because there’s duplication built into the process,” Sonia says.

At first, Juan wanted nothing to do with the business “because I had to transition from an employee mindset to that of an entrepreneur,” he explains. In the process, Juan noticed that Sonia’s checks grew month after month. “I realized we could make them grow even faster if we worked together as a couple.”

By that point, Sonia had built their business to Platinum. Even though she doesn’t drive, “I never let that become an obstacle or excuse to what we could achieve through this business.”

The couple and their children have gone from living in a basement to looking for the house of their dreams. They’d like to devote time and money to cancer research, since Lucy is a survivor, and build houses in Mexico. “I also want to write a motivational book someday,” Sonia says.

“We almost feel like missionaries because we so badly want to share this opportunity with more people,” adds Juan.

“The Achievers trips and incentive bonuses are the best motivation you can have to keep going in your AMWAY business,” he believes. “We never saw anything like it in either our traditional businesses or as employees.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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