Julia and Victor Cid


Executive Diamond

Dominican Republic

Soaring to New Heights – The sky’s the limit when you have wings to fly and imagination to take you there. Victor and Julia Cid understand the new roles and responsibilities that come with their rise to Executive Diamond. They’re looking toward the next horizon, setting new goals. They’re preparing once again to stretch their wings, to tackle the next set of challenges, to reach even higher goals and make newer and bigger dreams come true.

Excited to share their business experiences, Victor and Julia find joy in mentoring downline IBOs. They’re passionate about sharing knowledge and want others to find their own success. While they talk about the rewards of owning an AMWAY™ business, their stories emphasize the high level of character and commitment it took for them to get to where they stand today.

Early rewards fueled their motivation to press forward1_d774b1006c033eef699efbc72c4b1d53_1386x924_crop
As income from their AMWAY business started to replace what Victor was able to earn in his profession, it was a pleasant surprise – and more than Victor and Julia had anticipated. Victor’s first objective was to stop being an employee, and he says, “We thought if the business would give us, at minimum, the same income I was making, it would be a good option. Not to be an employee anymore was another great benefit.”

Doubling and then tripling Victor’s prior income exceeded all expectations. “So, as you can imagine, right now … our life is beautiful! Our lifestyle is well beyond anything that is standard in Dominican Republic. This business, with everything it brings, is more delightful than we could have ever imagined.”

We thought if the business would give us, at minimum, the same income I was making, it would be a good option. Not to be an employee anymore another great benefit. – Victor

All accomplishments bring new goals and challenges
Prepared to take challenges head on, Victor says their first line of attack is to build strength. “We always reach a new level after an onrush of activity. While the resulting momentum brings us higher, we have to reinforce it.” Their second goal is to achieve Double Diamond.

1_c0bfb1cab842a5ac5ec256d27df8c23c_1386x924_cropAs a couple, Victor and Julia take their new level of responsibility seriously. They say it’s both an opportunity and obligation to support even more people, help them attain their goals, and help them rise to the next level.

In addition, Victor says, “I am loving this experience, because I’ve always told Julia that the nicest thing would be to be featured in ACHIEVE® magazine. We’ve dreamed of this day, and we feel very, very pleased. But we also know, with this achievement, we have work ahead of us. We see it as promising, and we see it as a change, definitely.”

Julia’s words are like paint on canvas. She describes their life as brilliant, splendid, spectacular. “It’s because we’re leading the next generation to something more wonderful. More than any time in the past, this generation appreciates how in an AMWAY business, we are the creators. There are no limits on time and opportunity, so we get to craft it to be what works for our own life.

1_9f4355e4b993d263c839668f534a8da0_1386x924_crop“I feel as though we possess something special to pass on to our children and the next generation. Victor and I share a lot in our business, especially our passion for passing down good values. Having both their mom and dad at home with them, our kids got to watch us work together to help other families like our own. We gather with friends to socialize, educate, encourage, and we do community service work. I think the greatest wisdoms about this business are: the knowledge that we can be ourselves, and we can do something that will change humanity. We are leaving this legacy for our youth, our country, and the world.”

Parents do their best to prepare their kids so they can leave home one day and make their own lives. The hope is that they will come back when they’re looking for advice about a concern they may have. Victor says, “This business has inspired our kids to be independent, while it’s also kept them close to us. All along our kids have come to us for advice. It feels great to be available as experts for them, because these are things we have experience with, business problems we’ve already worked through.”

The twins, Paúl Jaén and Raýl Arthur, were almost six years old when their parents started their business, and the two oldest, Víctor Vladimir and Indhira Elizabeth, were 11 and 12. Victor adds, “Having been brought up in this business, the kids have seen their parents persevere through all situations. They also saw us stop for years at one level.” What the kids have come to realize is that we did not quit, we did not throw in the towel. They’ve learned that it’s possible for a human being to go forward at a difficult time in his or her life.”

Victor continues, “So we have a son now who says to me, ‘Dad, what do you think? Can I do this, or that? Can I accomplish this new thing?’ This kind of spirit in an IBO is what everyone wishes for! And he’s one of our kids. They are all IBOs. So ours is a family that is integrated, huge, and beautiful!”

1_58ec380c343053bb336169d313a14239_1386x924_cropVictor and Julia take immeasurable pride in their children and the choices they’re making now that they’re adults. While it was important to make sure everyone attended good colleges and studied to be professionals, their intentions, even from a young age, were always to become AMWAY business owners.

Today, the kids are building their own businesses with the vitality of their youth. Thoughts of inheritances do not slow them down. Beaming with pride, Victor says, “They are working to achieve their own pins, and Julia and I find that wonderful!”

When asked about what it means to her to be able to leave the business to their kids, Julia answers with an analogy. “Let’s say that in this world, we find trees that are already planted and that we get our fruit from. When it’s our time to leave, we should leave trees with their fruit for the next generation – not only for our own children, for humanity at large. This business is both sustainable and generous.”

If God gives you a big dream, it is because you have the wings to fly to achive it. Be sure to work as a team. Aside from the dream, working together will help you solidify any level. – Julia

Amway business owners look at doing business differently
1_4b88af230ae1c3e31cd525efbd17b885_1386x924_cropIBOs have to support others in their business in order to get to the next level. Victor offers this advice to anyone who listens: “When you start something, never quit until you win it. Close the circle; don’t leave it open. Do things with love and keep it in your heart. Do everything with enthusiasm and soul, and the results will be there.”

Preparation was key to getting Victor and Julia to the next level. Victor considers how principles and knowledge affect an IBO’s ability to realize results as they progress to their next level: “As a person prepares, seeks information from mentors, they will gain deeper understanding. Their minds will open. We know we have to evolve our thinking to achieve greater goals. Changing our thoughts depends on learning and growing; that’s how we all get to the next level.”

“Without dreams, nothing is possible,” adds Julia, who describes herself as a dreamer by nature. Her words are far-reaching as she encourages new IBOs. “Everything that you can imagine, you can accomplish. If God gives you a big dream, it is because you have the wings to fly to achieve it. Be sure to work as a team. Aside from the dream, working together will help you solidify any level. Go for that next level to make your dreams come true, as well as your children’s.”


The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs was $202.

Approximately 46% of all IBOs were active.

U.S. IBOs were considered “active” in months in 2010 when they attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended an Amway or IBO meeting. “Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus monthly bonuses and cash incentives. It excludes all annual bonuses and cash incentives, and all non-cash awards. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation.

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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