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Kanti & Lata Gala  Double Diamond  Happy, healthy, and free to enjoy the fruits of their labor, Kanti and Lata Gala look back on why they chose their AMWAY business over professional careers. It was to pursue a different lifestyle, which has given them the freedom to prosper financially, spiritually, socially, and personally.

This couple built their business with a heart for helping others succeed. Their commitment was born out of devotion to one another and their children, who are now both married and successfully growing their own businesses with their own spouses. It has transcended to the thousands of people they’ve touched through their global network of business partners, friends, and philanthropic activities.

Balancing hard work and fun

Admittedly, most days in the Gala household are hectic. Kanti and Lata thrive on their full schedule, which includes daily prayer, workouts, a healthy diet balanced with NUTRILITE® vitamins, minerals, and supplements, a myriad of phone calls and emails, and plenty of entertaining of both friends and family.

Their daughter, Anjali, lives next door with her husband, Kavan, and his family. Lata offers, “We love having the kids so close and feel fortunate in that our son-in-law’s family lives next door. And of course, we’re very pleased that they’re successful IBOs.”

Neil is their eldest. He and his wife, Sirisha, help Kanti and Lata take care of the day-to-day AMWAY business. “They bring Saahil when they come,” says Lata. “He’s our first grandchild, and we love being able to see him every day.” Kanti and Lata have just completed a backyard renovation project, which included a large playground for Saahil. “In addition to the slides and tire swings, we installed a pool, Jacuzzi® tub, gardens, and a couple of gazebos. It’s perfect for adult entertaining, and it’s everything a 2-year-old could dream about.”

Business, love, and life’s celebrations

The number one reason Kanti fell in love with this business is that he was able to build it with the love of his life. He says, “This business encourages couples to work and make decisions together. Good communication is a necessity in our work, and good communication can strengthen marriages.”

Lata adds, “Having both parents home and building this business together created more unity in our family. We became better parents, leaders, and people in general because of the learning from our mentors and our own teaching of success principles. Our kids grew up in this environment, and now they’re building their own successful businesses and families.”

The Gala children have been helping in their parents’ business since they were in high school, taking care of products and even the billing. Kanti reflects, “They learned that our trust was enough; it gave them confidence to go forward and make the right choices in their lives.”

Kanti and Lata are planning their next family trip to India. It will be an important event for family and friends, a big party, and a milestone in the life of 2-year-old Saahil. The Mundan Celebration is a Hindu ceremony, and their grandson will have his hair shaved and be blessed for a long and fulfilling life.

Fiscally and physically fit business

Both Kanti and Lata came to the business with medical backgrounds – Kanti earned a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical research and development and worked in the industry for 13 years; Lata was an administrative director for a nuclear medicine department for 17 years – so they know the benefits of taking care of their bodies as well as their business. Several days a week, they practice yoga and work out with a personal trainer in their home gym. Kanti says, “As leaders in this health and beauty business, we live as examples for the team. We work at being physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit.” He continues with a smile in his voice, “And, because our family has come to expect long-term income from this business, we want to be healthy so we can be around to collect it.”

Success with an AMWAY business requires a good work ethic and a positive attitude. Kanti uses the following analogy to explain: “Sweat equity – if the perspiration doesn’t come when you work out, then you’re not working hard enough. It’s the same in business.”

Lata agrees but stresses finding the balance between fun and work, and being in synch with your spouse and team. As an example, she points to their mentors who have always managed their time well. “We feel we have to improve ourselves as our mentors have always done. It is not just for us; we continue to improve for our team. People see our interest is genuine, and they want to follow. Spiritually, I believe that God blesses us when we do what’s right for others. And in this business, there is always that opportunity.”

Work hard and smell the roses

Kanti appreciates the original vision set by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. “Their idea didn’t come instantly. It came after trial and error.” And he sees those initial business ideas continue to evolve because of the internet. “Today the world is smaller because of the internet,” Kanti says. “The younger generation doesn’t shy away from technology or hard work, though they do want to smell the roses along the way. The AMWAY business opportunity fits their desire.”

The world may be smaller in one sense, but it is still vast in another. “We have a huge business in India and also in many other countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and Malaysia,” says Lata. “We’re excited with the international support from Amway, especially where our businesses are taking off.”

With positive energy and abundant enthusiasm, the Galas foster a culture that balances work and play, strength and flexibility, effort and reward. In their lives, the integration of business and family is nearly complete. “We tried once to have a meeting when we were not allowed to talk about business, and we couldn’t do that,” says Lata. “Then we tried to do it the other way, only talking about business. Well, we couldn’t do that either!”

Within their organization, they lead by example, and express deep appreciation for the contributions of many strong leaders. “We share a very similar thought process,” says Kanti. “We might start something, and they’ll jump in and get things done.”

Most important, the Galas find joy in every relationship. “We have very good unity and a lot of fun together,” says Kanti. “We laugh a lot.”

 They Live to Give

As Lata Gala was growing up in India, her generous father taught by example. He gave freely to people in need, cultivating a dream in Lata’s heart.

“There are three things you can do with money,” she says. “You can make money, spend money, or give money. My passion has always been giving to people in need.”

Raised with the same values, Kanti Gala shared Lata’s philanthropic passion. While building their AMWAY business, Kanti and Lata and some of the key leaders in their team established the We Live to Give Foundation.

“We created the foundation to give donors the confidence and peace of mind that they are contributing to organizations and causes that have been researched and pre-qualified,” says Kanti, who leads the foundation’s work.

One cause that is especially close to their heart: children with autism. Lacking the resources common in North America, parents in India struggle to meet their children’s special needs.

“If autism is recognized in the early stages, the children can grow up and have a better life,” said Lata. “But not too many people in India know what to do.”

Working with Easter Seals, the We Live to Give Foundation is leading an effort to bring Indian teachers to the U.S. to learn to work with autistic children. The teachers will return to India, someday working in an institute the Galas plan to build.

“We’re doing this to make life better for people in India where we grew up,” Lata says

The average monthly gross income earned by “active” IBOs was $115 (U.S.)/$181 (CAN.).

The success depicted may reflect income and investments outside the IBO Plan. Approximately 66% of all IBOs of record were found to be active.* The percentage of IBOs who achieved Double Diamond and above qualification in FY08 was .0038%.*Based on an independent survey during 2001, “Active” means an IBO attempted to make
a retail sale, or presented the Amway Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended a company or IBO meeting in the year 2000. “Gross income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus the amount of Performance Bonus retained. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation.

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure


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