Kelley and Jennette Bremer




“We needed something more” – “We believed we were going to succeed in whatever we did,” says Kelley, a systems engineer with “more degrees than a thermometer. We had a pretty successful life, according to the world’s standards.”

“We had a house, nice cars, friends, careers, and a decent income,” explains Jennette, a former elementary school teacher.

“But we knew we needed something more. I couldn’t see myself sitting in a cubicle for the rest of my life,” Kelley states.

What the Bremers needed was “the right vehicle to bring out the best in us,” he says. “That’s what we found in the Amway™ business.”

About a year after they got started, Jennette began “seriously entertaining the idea of not teaching for the rest of my life.” A short time later, a visit to their upline Rubies (now Diamonds) set into motion the changes that would make that happen. “They asked when we were moving (from Texas) to Florida.”

The more Kelley and Jennette talked about it, the more it made sense. Before their flight landed in Texas, they were making plans to relocate. “We moved three months later and doubled our PV that same month,” Kelley says. Jennette never returned to teaching.

They admit there have been some struggles along the way – “There’s no victory without struggles,” he says.

“We’ve grown and changed so much! We’ve really discovered our strengths,” says Jennette, “and we’re excited to see that happen for the people on our team.”

They’re also excited about the fact that, “Come January, I’ll be joining Jennette full time at home,” Kelley reveals.

Eventually, they’d like to buy “a house on a lake that can accommodate our team and our family (Renee, 5; Joy, 3; and Kyle, 1),” shares Kelley, who enjoys wakeboarding. “We want a home that people love to visit – one that inspires people to reach for their dreams,” adds Jennette.

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