Kim-Foong Yap

I no longer have to worry about money – Growing up in Malaysia, Kim Foong-Yap didn’t have to work. Her father owned a successful business, so she led a comfortable life.

Then, as a young adult, she visited the United States. “I experienced freedom. I could come and go as I pleased,” she recalls excitedly. She moved here permanently that same year.

“I took a job in a restaurant and felt really happy earning money for the first time,” she says.

Eventually, Christine (as she’s now known) felt the tug to stay home when her daughter Erica (9) was born. For a time, she provided daycare in her home. Then she learned about the AMWAY™ Business Opportunity from a friend.

“I knew about AMWAY products from using them in Malaysia,” she recalls. “I remembered they were very high quality.” After her husband left, Christine thought, “I have to think about my daughter’s future,” and jumped into building her AMWAY Business with determination and commitment.

“I enjoy it,” she says. “It feels good to help people,” whether with products or business mentoring. “I spend a lot of time now training my downlines, building their confidence and knowledge.”

Reflecting on all she’s achieved, Christine remarks, “Everything in life has changed! My health is better than ever (thanks to NUTRILITE® nutritional supplements). I have more confidence. And I no longer have to worry about money.”

As a single parent, that’s huge. “Before every purchase, I used to ask myself, ‘Do I really need it? Can I afford it?’” This habit became so ingrained for Erica that she still asks daily, “Will I be able to go to college?”

Her mom replies, “She can go to any college she likes, thanks to my AMWAY Business.”

First on her list, though, Christine wants to buy a house and take more vacations. She also plans to look after her parents’ comfort just as they did hers all those years ago.

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Emerald Income Disclosure

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