Amway is About Empowering the Individual: Greg Duncan


Triple Diamond Greg Duncan attributes the success of Amway to its team approach. The business model doesn’t put IBOs in competition with each other, it encourages people to work together. Greg says, “If one succeeds in the business, we all succeed.”

Greg values all the technology available through Amway to help IBOs do business on the go. He points out that Gen Y want to conduct a mobile business and have control of their life and their time. “It is a digital age and people want the world to come to them. Amway has always been about empowering the individual; it is built on the opportunity for people to succeed. As technology advances, Amway is becoming even more relevant.”

Greg and his organization make a point of taking advantage of webinars and online training courses through the Amway Learning Center. The Duncans frequently recommend the webinars to downline IBOs. “Live webinars with IBOs are a great way to bridge the miles across North America. They’re also a good way to educate IBOs about a new product or kit. Amway is smart to spend time and money on training.”

He also highly recommends “the health and beauty product courses so IBOs can become fully informed on the products and better serve their customers.”

Earlier this year, Greg facilitated a Learning Center webinar on “Tough Questions” that he feels addresses important topics and questions IBOs are often faced with when they’re talking with prospects and customers.

He appreciates Amway’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the business –  relevant training, education, and technology to help IBOs be successful. “The Corporation is working closely with IBO leaders and the field to make sure they’re providing training that IBOs want and need.”

As Greg so eloquently puts it, “When Amway is IBO-centric and works to make the business better for all IBOs, the business is better and stronger for all. We’re at a better place now than we’ve ever been.”


  • Paul Johnson

    Happy to see you recognized for all you do for us Mr.

  • Jan Rulon

    Greg and Laurie have raised two wonderful, incredible children. He tells us that each morning they would sit as a family at their breakfast table and he and Laurie would be able to help their children grow into the best that they could become.
    He has always told us that he wished all of his IBOs could be at his breakfast table so that he could help us. For the past 4 years Greg has held multiple weekly conference calls, now webinars. We now have and continue to have the privilege to sit at his breakfast table. He empowers all of us and believes in all of us to become the best that we can be. He is a master at sharing IBOs successes so that we all believe we can have success.
    Greg always says that he never asks himself why we aren’t farther along, but continually asks himself what more can he do to help us move ahead.
    He takes his time not only for the newest IBO but for someone who has been in a long time and has made the decision to get started again. I am continually in awe of the time and the encouragement he gives me and I will never take him for granted. It is a privilege to be mentor by Greg Duncan. Thank you, Greg and Laurie Duncan.

  • Thomas Rubatino

    Congratulations Greg!

    I’m incredibly proud to be lead by such an amazing educator.

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