Life doesn’t get any better – Juan Luis Gonzalez and Gigliola Despecci


Juan Luis Gonzalez & Gigliola Despecci, New Jersey. Life doesn’t get any better than sitting around the table as a family, discussing the day and sharing their goals and dreams, according to Juan Luis Gonzalez and Gigliola Despecci.

Of course, our AMWAY business often figures into the conversation, whether it’s about an upcoming Achievers conference, the latest product launch, or new IBOs in their group.

“Our AMWAY business rekindled our goals and dreams for a better future, which is what brought us here from Chile 20 years ago,” says Juan Luis.

Wanting more out of life, he and Gigi were living a very different reality – “a very monotonous life of home to work, work to home, and family time only on the weekends with daughters Gabriele, 23, and Sofia, 10.”

However, after attending an AMWAY seminar the couple was excited about the AMWAY business .  “No matter how far up the corporate ladder you climb, you are still an employee with someone else calling the shots,” Juan Luis says. Control over one’s time and income “can only come from owning your own business like an AMWAY independent business,” believes Juan.

Moreover, “Working together building our business has helped us to grow not only as individuals, but also as a couple,” says Gigi.

As fate would have it, Juan Luis lost his job three years ago due to downsizing. “It was then that we focused on building our AMWAY business full time,” he says. They were  Sapphire at the time.

Since then, their daughter, Gabriela, has started her own AMWAY business, which makes her parents very proud.

“We’re excited to see downline IBOs grow their businesses – even beyond us,” says Gigi.

Adds Juan Luis, “Our deepest desire is to keep Rich and Jay’s founding principles of freedom, family, hope and reward alive and continue taking that message to others.”

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  • your comment about getting together as a family at your table to discuss family and amway matters catch my attention, i’m an employee for a big agricultural company and each day i try to give my best however i’m aware of laid offs often and i also have a lot of stress due to my enormeous responsability as a supervisor, thank you for mentioning about losing your job, perhaps that will be a good reason for me to start taking my business seriously, i also get home and take a shower, have dinner, watch tv and thats it, my wife is always mentioning amway she has it as a priority and i can see she wants to start running for platinum asap for me and our family i want to have the courage to start i have a great sponsor line, my emeralds are alex and karen acosta and my platinums are jose and yolanda limon and they believe in us, however i need to believe my self that this is true, i think vision global it is important for me to wake up and put action.

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