Lorenza and Roberto Martínez




Seeing the light – The light Roberto Martínez saw at the end of the tunnel when he learned about the Amway™ business now shines brightly on him and Lorenza (Lore).

“Being able to sleep in, not punch a time clock, take Daniela (10) and Bianca (8) to school, and spend time with each other – these are the wonderful things we enjoy, thanks to this business!” he says.

Before Amway, Roberto worked 16 hours a day (in construction and as a forklift operator) and had no time for himself or his family.

Lore worked from 4 a.m. to 2 p.m. bottling wine at a vineyard. “I was often in bed when he came home,” she recalls. “This business gave me hope that we could leave that life behind.” Lore left her job first and has been able to stay home with their daughters since they were little. Roberto followed, leaving first his construction job and then, in December, his job at a warehouse.

“At first, it was hard for me to believe that I wasn’t going to be an employee the rest of my life,” Lore says. “Society teaches us to believe you can only be ‘someone’ if you have a college education. Thanks to the training we’ve received through Amway, we’re now able to think big and without limitations.”

Roberto jumps in. “One of the greatest recommendations I can make is learn how to dream. Dreams are the fuel that will keep you going. So keep them where you can see them every day, and that will give you the confidence and energy to persevere.”

For Roberto and Lore, their dreams include travel (Jerusalem, Hawaii, and Italy), a ranch house with horses, a stellar education for their girls, and being able to help others accomplish their dreams through the Amway opportunity.

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