Lourdes and Elias Serulle

Life is a great opportunity and adventure - “I get bored when I sleep,” states Elias Serulle – and he’s not joking.

“I usually start working around one or two in the morning, answering emails and looking over reports for my security business.” By seven or eight, he’s headed to his company headquarters. Then it’s off to put in a full day in Congress. Oh, and squeeze in a presentation or two of the AMWAY™ IBO Compensation Plan between sessions.

“My day is much more peaceful,” replies Lourdes. “If it were up to me, I’d sleep until noon!” But, alas, she is Elias’s right-hand woman and partner in all things Amway. And he has her on speed dial.

“Life is a great opportunity and adventure, and everyone has the right to a big dream,” Elias believes. “You don’t want to waste life sleeping or you’ll miss something that’ll help you get there.”

That’s something Elias didn’t learn until starting an AWMAY business. “We had a very good income and comfortable lifestyle from my security business. But I saw something in the face of my sponsor that I was missing: peace.”

In their AMWAY business, Elias and Lourdes have discovered “how beautiful life can be. We believe our responsibility is teaching others the value in life we’ve found through this business,” he says.

That’s something that meshes perfectly with their love for travel and other cultures, Lourdes believes. “Everywhere we go, there is an Amway family. It’s like arriving at a place where they’ve been waiting for you.” So far the Serulles have expanded their business to Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and the U.S.

“Our life before our AMWAY business was small and confined,” Elias says. “Now we have a new challenge every day. We’re also closer as a couple and family (with sons Elias Ahmed, 24; Sebastian, 17; and Alejandro, 13). Through reaching out to others, we’ve found a love that empowers and sustains us.”

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Emerald Income Disclosure

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  • melva gonzalez

    I feel proud to be part of this wonderful team. Elias and Lourdes are winners and a great sample to follow. God bless

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