LTD’s Partnership with Amway Learning Center Improves Productivity, Increases Confidence

Ask Double Diamonds Pam and Larry Winters for one word to describe the partnership between Amway Approved Provider Leadership Team Development (LTD) and Amway Learning Center and they respond “awesome.” “We really appreciate all they’ve done — they’ve helped build such confidence between LTD and Amway.”

According to Pam, their organization invites Amway Learning Center to do training at some of the big LTD events, LTD Leaders Joe Markiewicz and Doug Weir have co-developed several training courses with the Learning Center, and Pam “had the pleasure” of co-presenting a nationwide ARTISTRY® webcast with an Amway trainer using materials produced by Amway.

LTD puts on four weekend events per year, two of them involve the entire LTD team, while the other two are more regionalized. All of them offer some type of training. Friday evenings are devoted specifically to training, with Larry providing leadership training to Platinums and above while other IBOs participate in training presented by Amway staff. Some of the courses they’ve offered include Making Money, Making Your First Sale, PV Pathways, Skincare Basics, Social Media and You, and Making Your Hard Work Count (presented by LTD Leader Joe Markiewicz). Pam says , “People have loved it! By offering Amway training at our events, we’re helping IBOs understand how important the partnership is between LTD and Amway. It increases confidence and it helps IBOs learn about new products and programs in the business.”

Pam and Larry frequently recommend Amway Learning Center’s online courses, especially to new IBOs. “The Fast Track Incentive Program Course is always a good one to take. And if someone’s interest is in beauty or nutrition, we suggest they take the related ARTISTRY or NUTRILITE® product courses. The online Learning Center is a great tool for new people.”

Amway IBOs affiliated with the LTD organization are located across the country, so connecting through the use of technology has grown in importance. As previously mentioned, LTD worked with Amway on an ARTISTRY webcast. Hundreds of IBOs tuned in and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Pam refers to this webcast as “one of the best things we ever did!” In the last year, LTD has also implemented an App for mobile devices that allows them to send out messages to the entire team more efficiently.

LTD feels the partnership they’ve built with Amway Learning Center over the last few years has provided a sense of security and inspired trust in IBOs in their organization. In Pam’s words, “This sense of security is as valuable as the knowledge gained through the training. We really appreciate all they do and hope we can continue the partnership for a long, long time!”


  • Sfutado

    It is great working with LTD. Staying ahead of the game, always improving and open to new gen y’ers. Can’t wait for the future.

  • The Learning center is awsome,For someone like me that thrives for more education it is Awsome. 1 year in business and I have over 14 credits from the learnning center. It has really given me the confadence in building our business. We always pass info downline about it. I feel this is one of the Best investments Amway ever did to bridge the gap from them to us. It is awsome. Great Job LTD and the team,Keep it up.

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