Luis Gonzalez and Josefina Marquez


Founders Emerald


The first year Luis and Josefina were in the Amway™ business, they had their doubts, but when his construction work began to slow down, Luis became more interested in the business. Exhausted from long hours of housekeeping work, Josefina also became committed to growing the business. Luis explains, “Since that time, nearly seven years ago, we have grown in so many ways. Our lives have changed completely.” Josefina describes herself as lacking self-confidence in the early days. Now, she says, “I’m doing things I never thought I could do, like talking with strangers and speaking on stage.”

“Our Amway™ business has given us the freedom to do whatever we want,” states Luis. “We have more time to help others achieve what we have achieved, more time to spend with family, and more time to share special moments. We have a better income and peace of mind.” Josefina is grateful for how close they’ve become as a couple and family. “We were distant and not communicating well. The business has united us.”

The parents of five daughters and grandparents of two, Luis and Josefina are proud that their oldest daughters are in the business and the younger ones plan to become IBOs. Lisbeth (23) and Diana (21) have achieved Silver level and Michelle (18) is headed that direction. Angela (16) and Dania (14) can’t wait to officially join. “They see it has brought us hope and made our family closer,” Josefina remarks.

Luis explains Josefina has a strong desire to help others and develops friendships easily. It’s evident in the dreams she holds. “I’d like to give to a nonprofit organization for orphan children, help those in our life who are in need, and have a house where my children have space and privacy.” Luis longs to travel “to places I’ve never been before and enjoy wonderful foods without worrying about the expense.”

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