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All the Right Moves – It would seem that for a young person, making the decision to move halfway around the world – thousands of miles away from family and friends – would require a lot of courage. But Mabel Jong doesn’t think of herself as especially brave. However, she is a person who strongly believes in taking action. And that’s what she did when she left Malaysia to come to the United States to go to college in Montana.

Mabel eventually made her way to New York City, where she worked as a telemarketer. By then she was married, and she and her husband Jacky, who was in the restaurant business, had two children, Jevons and Brittney.

Although she was making money, spending hour after hour on the phone every day wasn’t the life she envisioned for herself when she came here as a teenager. Now that she had children of her own, she also wanted to move to an area with better schools, but they couldn’t really afford to do that on their salaries.

Impact of 9/11
But as it did for many others, September 11, 2001, changed the course of her life. In the aftermath of that national tragedy, Mabel lost her telemarketing job, which, in the end, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for her.

Unsure of what to do next, she decided to start a printing company specializing in restaurant menus. In the meantime, she had been buying Amway™ products from an IBO in New York. Her mother, who had been an Amway customer in Malaysia, had introduced Mabel to the products when she was younger, and she always liked them.

“My friend, the IBO who was selling me the products, thought it would be a good idea for me to start my own Amway business. She said to me one day, ‘Look, you’re a good salesperson, and you can get training to learn how to do the other parts,’” recalls Mabel. “I knew the Amway products were high quality and I really believed in them, so I thought maybe she was right. Maybe I could start my own business. I mean, why not?”

A winning combination
She also felt it would mesh well with her printing business. She was meeting a lot of new people as a result of that endeavor and thought it might lead to Amway customers. “Plus, I thought if I worked hard, the Amway business would eventually give me more flexibility to spend time with my children, who were just one and three back then. So I really put my heart into it.”

An open, friendly person by nature, Mabel did indeed find many customers. And she was very proactive about it. For example, “If I’m in a drugstore and I see someone looking at vitamins, I’ll start talking with them about NUTRILITE® supplements and offer them some samples.”

She is quick to say that achieving her level of success requires lots of hard work. “There’s no free lunch,” she often says. “Many people want a better life, with more flexibility to spend time with family or travel, or to make enough money to ensure that their children are getting a good education. The important thing is to take action to get what you want. Because although many people have dreams, not everyone is willing to do the work it takes to actually achieve them.”

Mabel advises all newcomers to the business to have faith in their leadership. “My mentors helped me a lot when I was starting out,” she says. “Whenever I had a question or problem, I would call them and they were always there for me. And now I do the same thing for downline IBOs.”

Starting a business is not easy. But in our business, there are many great leaders to help you. That’s one of the best things about it. – Mabel Jong

Meaningful relationships
She says that after awhile, the people you work with begin to feel like family. “You spend so much time together that you not only learn a lot, you become very close and develop meaningful friendships.”

Those relationships mean a great deal to her and to everyone on her team. “We all support each other in so many ways,” she recounts. “For example, if I’m out of town, I know I can rely on other IBOs to step in and get product to my customers if necessary. We do things like that for one another all the time, which keeps our customers happy, so we are all winners.”

She particularly appreciates that type of support after having come from more traditional jobs, where she didn’t often find it. “Although there were always problems to solve, you were usually on your own to figure out what to do,” she remembers.

Training new IBOs is very important, as is becoming familiar with the products. “I’ve tried every Amway product myself, and I have great confidence in all of them. They are all really great brands,” she says. “I also spend time reading and researching so I can recommend the right products to meet the various needs of my customers, especially the NUTRILITE® supplements,” she adds. “It’s really important to use the products yourself before sharing them with others.”

One step at a time
Based on her own experience, she knows that customers who like Amway products might make good prospects for taking it to the next level and becoming IBOs. “But you can’t push too much, or you will lose your customer,” she cautions. “You have to make sure you think it all through beforehand, and take it slowly, one step at a time.”

One thing is clear: she’s certainly happy she decided to go from customer to IBO. “Our lives would be very different today had I not made that decision,” she says, recalling the days when they were living in a run-down neighborhood with deficient schools.

She and Jacky love their spacious home on Long Island, where they now reside. It provides a perfect spot to operate her business and raise a family. Her kids have been able to get top-notch educations that will help prepare them for college in the future, which is something she and Jacky value highly.

She believes careful planning has played a big role in her success. “You won’t become a Diamond if you don’t plan first,” she advises. “For example, you need to know how many legs it will take, and you have to have a plan in order to make that happen. And you have to know that it won’t happen in one day or one year. It may take years to become Diamond, but you have to be planning every step of the way.”

Being her own boss and being able to do whatever she wants whenever she wants are just a few of the perks she now enjoys as a successful Amway business owner. “My time is so flexible now, and that makes me happy because it means I can be there for my kids when they need me,” she notes.

She knows when they get older, they, too, will carry on the family business. “I want to pass it on to them for all the reasons I started it myself: the lifestyle, the relationships, the income, and of course, all the great products. They’ve seen all it has to offer and I know they will feel as I did: Why wouldn’t they want a business like this?”


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Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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