Making Their Move To The Future – Prakash & Anjana Karani

Prakash & Anjana Karani, Founders Platinum, started business in 1992, Duluth, GA. There’s nothing more adventurous or exciting than moving a family across country, especially when good friends await you there. Prakash and Anjana Karani recently moved with their 10-year old twins, Manisha and Mayank, from Chicago’s suburbs to a charming southern town just outside of Atlanta.

The kids are as happy as we are about it, says Anjana, “We love this place and being outdoors here. We’re looking forward to living near our uplines and people on our team. Building our business first brought us here, and now we’re making it home.” Prakash and Anjana also have business in Australia, Singapore, Viet Nam, and India.

Family is Anjana’s full-time job. It has been since the twins were born. They wouldn’t want it any other way, “Prakash and I both appreciate how the business allows us to keep family our priority.”

In the 18 months after the twins were born, Prakash stayed home to help Anjana with the twins. He took a leave of absence from his professional job and dedicated a portion of each day on their AMWAY business. He comments, “It was the best thing I could have done. I went back to work when it was the right time for our family. But now, we have peace of mind in knowing if something should happened to my job income, our AMWAY business is at a level that can support us.”

Admittedly, it’s a busy life, though Prakash and Anjana say they love it, “We’re productive and we see growth every day. And because our kids grew up with it, they learned how rewards come after hard work. I’m proud they’re learning to have ambition for their own successes.”

Asked what the business means to them, Prakash replies: “We want to be examples to our family and friends, to all the people we’ve made promises. We don’t want to be average, we want to live the lifestyle of our uplines.”



  • Magdalena and Octavian Gheorghita

    Anjana and PK, we are proud of you being on the first page of Achive Magasine. Also, we are proud to be in your downline team. We will follow your example and one day we will travel together around the word . God bless you !

  • Dr Subhash Joshi

    Hi P K, Anjana– Nice to see your photo on ARCHIVE– Congretulation.


  • Mahesh Ghai

    Heartiest Congratulation!
    Me & my Mrs Chandrakanta Ghai have started Amway business from 1st Apr 2011.
    We look forward to your sharing of your lovely growth story in this business.
    I am sure your story would be a great motivator to novice businessmen like us.
    thanks & regards,

    Mahesh Ghai

  • Ajit Singh

    Dear PK & Anjana,
    Congratulations…it feels so great to see your profile in the Achieve Magazine. This gives us bragging rights about our uplines.

    We feel so fortunate to be a part of your team. Thanks for always leading by example.

    Ajit & Anu

  • Gaurav Verma

    Great to see you in Achieve Magazine!!! Congrats and so proud of you!!

  • Dear PK and Anjana,

    So delighted to see your family pictures in Achieve ! We are ever so grateful to all your teachings in the chicago pase meetings. Thank You !!

    Senthil Radhika, DC

  • Shalin & Tanvi Gandhi

    Congratulations. Its really awesome and exciting to see your profile and story in the Achieve Magazine. Thanks for always encouraging and adding value to us.

    Shalin & Tanvi

  • Dear PK and Anjana,

    It was so wonderful to see your picture and story in Achieve Magazine.
    We are so proud to be in your team. We are so blessed to have you guys in Atlanta now. We can see you everyday day in action and that gives us so much..Everything is possible.. If upline can do it..we can certainly follow it..
    We know your action leads you to Emerald and Diamond very soon..we will be always there to cheer and share success with you..

    Thanks for all you for us.

    Prashant and Madhuri
    Next Platinum from team.

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