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Sharing and Caring – When her husband Rong Fang passed away last year, Mancsi Huang lost her beloved partner and soul mate. “He was a good man with a good heart,” she states. “And he brought out the good in other people, too.”

Mancsi is quick to credit Rong Fang for the incredible success they’ve had in the business they started and grew together. He was the one who first saw its potential. A customs employee in Taiwan had introduced him to the Amway™ opportunity when they were visiting Mancsi’s parents.

Doing due diligence
At the time, the couple was running a jewelry business in New York where they employed about 100 people, many of them close relatives and friends. “My husband said to me, ‘We should try this,’” recalls Mancsi, who took it upon herself to research the company to learn more.

“I found that it was a very reputable company and with good values,” she says. “We also appreciated the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders. As traditional business owners, we liked the whole idea of how Amway works.”

Rong Fang had always been a people person, so helping others achieve a better life really appealed to him. “He saw that this business was something we could share with our employees, who had always been so loyal to us,” says Mancsi. “We thought it could provide all of us with a more secure future.”

Goals give direction
They started a business in Taiwan first, and then in the United States. Once they were off and running, they found many other enjoyable aspects to their new endeavor, such as its focus on goal setting and leading by example. “Achieving anything significant in life requires goals,” says Mancsi. “It’s what gives you direction. You don’t just start at Platinum, you must set goals and complete them to reach every step.”

She further explains that those steps involve several phases. “When you know something, it’s a concept; when you do something, it’s a goal; and when you complete something, that’s an achievement.”

She and Rong Fang both believed in teaching by doing and showing. “Whatever I learned I taught others right away,” says Mancsi. “Whenever you learn something new you always want to share your knowledge with others. It’s very natural.”

For example, she really didn’t know anything about applying makeup, but once she learned some of the techniques from the ARTISTRY® experts, she enthusiastically showed the tips and tricks to others. “When people see how excited you are about it, they get excited, too.”

To me, the most satisfying part of our business is helping other people and watching them change. – Mancsi Huang

Proud of products
Mancsi also feels very good about the kinds of products they have to offer, especially in the health and beauty product lines. She loves giving people the background on the various brands, explaining about all the natural goodness that comes from the Nutrilite farms, for instance, which uses organic and sustainable farming practices.

Another plus is that Amway products are easy to assimilate into any kind of lifestyle. “The products make it so simple to combine our business with our home life,” says Mancsi. “You know, we can stay healthy with NUTRILITE® products, be beautiful with ARTISTRY® skincare and cosmetics, and cook delicious meals with iCook®.

She says that as they were growing their business, “I would look at all our friends who were as happy as we were by incorporating these products into their homes, and I soon realized that it isn’t just about earning money; it’s about sharing with others. That’s what really brings the good feelings.”

Marketing tips
Mancsi finds that creating packages by bundling items and running special promotions, especially around holidays, are great ways to introduce products to new customers. But she also stresses the importance of getting good product training first. “People must really understand each specific product in order to teach others about it,” she states. She adds that Amway provides excellent training materials with many online resources that are easy to use, while programs such as the Fast Track Incentive Program provide great sales support.

She has always enjoyed the process of developing leaders, often observing how they talked with their prospects and praising them for what they did right and advising them on areas where they might improve. “I showed my love and friendship to them and they respected me for that,” she recalls. “And I know our leaders now do the same thing when they’re helping current downline IBOs.”

Rong Fang, she recalls with poignancy, really knew how to inspire people. “He had eyes like an eagle and could tell what a person was capable of just by looking at them,” says Mancsi. “He was so sensitive. He could easily identify people’s strengths and weaknesses and had the ability to help them grow personally to achieve their true potential. He was a great leader.”

She says she learned a lot from working so closely with her husband. “He was the type of person who believed we must face our challenges head on and immediately take action. He would say, ‘Do not get stuck doing the same thing over and over. If it’s not working, try something else.’”

Much support
She has received much support since his passing from downline IBOs, the company, and of course, her family, especially her five children, who are all under 16 years old. “They have been so great, even helping me with the business,” she says. They assist her when she’s putting special product packages together, she explains – good training for when they are old enough to start their own businesses. “My oldest is already preparing to become an IBO,” says Mancsi proudly, adding that the kids also enjoy helping out with product demos, particularly if it involves cooking.

She and Rong Fang had four happy years together working at their business, sharing their victories and leaning on one another when times were challenging. Thinking back on anything they might have done differently, Mancsi says she might have worked a little harder to reach their pin levels sooner. “People are inspired by your achievements. They want to follow you because of what you’ve accomplished. When you reach Diamond, it motivates them to become Diamonds.”

Reflecting on her life, she says she had no idea she would end up a successful business owner. In fact, her dream when she came to this country as a music student 20 years ago was to become a great pianist and play at Carnegie Hall someday. That all changed when she met Rong Fang and he introduced her to the world of business. She’s happy for the path they chose and wouldn’t have it any other way. “I have many different creative outlets these days,” she says, adding that she also taught piano for several years.

Mancsi often thinks about something Rong Fang said when they were first trying to decide about whether or not to pursue the business. “He said, ‘If we don’t try it, we will never know what it might have done for us.’”

She’s very glad she listened to him. “He was my guiding star, always,” she says.

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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