María Avilene and Bernabé García




“You don’t realize what you’ll be able to do” – “If we achieve higher levels, then we can help more people,” Maria Garcia observes excitedly.

She’s already experienced the life-transforming power of an Amway™ independent business.

“I get to spend more time with my husband and parents (sponsored by Bernabe and now Platinum) since leaving our jobs. We manage our time how we want because we have the security of money in the bank,” she says.

Married just last summer, “Our life would’ve been very different without our Amway business,” Bernabe reflects. “Instead of honeymooning in six states, we might’ve spent the night in a downtown hotel. Or, there might not have been a honeymoon” had he still been employed in lawn care, he acknowledges.

When a friend introduced him to Amway, Bernabe saw a vehicle that could help him realize dreams his job just couldn’t. “I came to this country because I wanted to help my parents (in Mexico). I started my business with the belief that I could eventually build them a house.”

Now that belief is nearly reality; the house is slated to be finished this year. It will be a sweet reunion when he and Maria visit in December. “I haven’t seen them in 14 years, and I’ll be returning home as a victorious son,” he says.

“You don’t realize what you’ll be able to do when you start this business,” Bernabe continues. “The travel, the lifestyle, the person you’ll become. To stand on a stage and talk to five or ten thousand people. And to hear someone say, ‘Thanks to you, I’ve been able to achieve my goals.’”

Maria doesn’t hesitate when asked about her goals. “Starting a family!” she replies enthusiastically. She also desires to own a walnut plantation someday and use the proceeds “to help kids without homes and kids with cancer.”

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