Maria Garcia: Business and Product Training is 100% Necessary at All Levels


Diamond Maria Garcia’s pride and pleasure in the Amway business and working with great people is evident in her strong leadership, mentoring, and coaching style. She exudes enthusiasm and demonstrates compassion and integrity in all she does. That’s why she was the perfect choice to co-present the educational session, Best Practices, in Spanish at Achievers 2012 with Amway Manager of Accreditation Plus Program.

The Best Practices session focused on growing your business successfully while upholding the ethics and integrity on which it was built. During the session, Maria explained that being truthful, honest, and accurate in all you do as an IBO makes you an excellent role model — and helps protect the business and the reputation of all IBOs. During the session, Maria and Scott encouraged the audience to model the behavior they want to see from downline IBOs by following the Rules of Conduct and Quality Assurance Standards. Maria urged IBOs to become more familiar with these guidelines and the resources available to help them maintain their commitment to building their business ethically.

Maria freely admits that partnering with Amway on training and education helps her grow as a leader, a presenter, and an IBO. “I learned so much and was reminded of several important points by co-presenting Best Practices with Amway. Education sessions at Achievers and for all IBOs are absolutely necessary. I recommend business and product training to IBOs at all levels 100% of the time. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at — there’s always room to grow.”

When it comes to training and education sessions available through Amway Learning Center, Maria and her husband Pablo always recommend Fast Track and Making Your First Sale to new IBOs. Product-specific training such as BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ and ARTISTRY® Skincare are also key online courses for IBOs in their group.

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