Matías and Marta Alfaro


Founders Emerald


From the moment Matías and Marta learned of the Amway™ business, it was all they wanted to do. Matias says, “I had an auto parts and repair business that I gave to my employees. My wife had a small store she dismantled.” Mara recalls, “Our first check from Amway was very small but when we received it, we knew it was real and there was hope for a better life. I told Matías I believed in him and let’s team up and do this big.” That’s exactly what they did. The Alfaros are Double Diamonds in Latin America and Emeralds in the U.S.

Marta says, “I wanted to do business as a couple and with Amway, we could do that. Matías is a wonderful leader and mentor.” Matías praises Marta as a “tireless worker in order to give her children a better lifestyle.” The Alfaros have ten children, ranging from 5 to 35 years old. The three oldest are married and have blessed them with grandchildren; five are currently involved in the business and doing well.

“There’s no limit to what you can learn and experience in this business,” expresses Marta. Matías and Marta agree, “it’s wonderful to see the happiness in other people when they realize they can accomplish what we have and then to watch them, little by little, accomplish their dreams. We are so grateful for this opportunity.”

Matías and Marta’s plans for the future are all about their children. “We want to provide a college education for all of our children. We’d like to them to reach Diamond level in the business. And, for our children who would like to live in the U.S., we are doing the necessary paperwork to make it possible.”

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