Mayelin Torres and José Luis Cabrera




“Life just keeps getting better!” – Like many immigrants, José Luis Cabrera and Mayelin Torres worked hard to establish themselves in good careers and find the freedom that had eluded them in Cuba. “When we started our Amway™ business, I was working in the accounting department at a vocational school and my husband was running our towing company,” Mayelin notes.

While they never had “too much or too little,” their daily life felt very routine, and the couple felt, “The (towing) business was our owner, instead of the other way around!”

When their close friends presented the Amway business opportunity to them, they decided it was time to try something new.

“We had to learn everything from scratch,” Mayelin recalls. “You bring with you the mentality of an employee or business owner and that has nothing to do with this business,” she explains.

Learning to work with different people is a big factor for success in the Amway business, they both believe. So is switching hats. “I had to learn to relate to downline IBOs as partners, not employees!” José Luis acknowledges.

“Life is happier for us today,” he continues. “Thanks to our Amway business, we’ve become better people who feel we’re making a difference.”

Adds Mayelin, “We have that hope that you really can’t find in any other line of work. Our goals are always changing and growing and life just keeps getting better.”

Mayelin has her sights set on leaving her job (still in accounting, but now for a hotel chain) in the near future. “I’m looking forward to spending more time with our children (Katelyn, 11, and Brian, 7) and seeing the world,” she says.

“We both want to dedicate ourselves full time to our Amway business so we can do more to help our family, our team, and certain charities,” adds José Luis.

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