Mediocracy: Never An Option – Partha & Ritu Bhanja

Partha & Ritu Bhanja, Founders Platinum, started business in November 2001, Broadview Heights, OH. As long as Partha and Ritu can remember, they’ve shared an ability to dream together: Partha with his vision, and Ritu with her faith. They immigrated years ago with a dream of success, two suitcases, and about enough money to survive for a week.

Both certified as occupational therapists, Partha and Ritu found jobs right away. With other no friends or relatives to lean on, they consider it an even bigger blessing to have met their sponsors when they did – just two months later.

Apart from mentoring Partha and Ritu in AMWAY™ business, their uplines helped them settle in and find essentials such as housing, a car, and insurance. “In this business every one gets free business mentoring: we received much more than that,” explains Partha.

Ritu adds, “We met our uplines in the grocery store. At first, we liked the people more than the business.” After exceeding their initial goals, the couple realized how this business could improve their lifestyle and give them more time for their family.

Ritu quit her job to be a full-time mom to their kids Advit (8) and Abhimanyu (2). A big believer in planning and organization, she explains the benefits of managing one’s own schedule, “I’m able to fit my business duties around our family’s schedule and I work off my ‘to do list’ when kids are at school or sleeping.  My husband and I spend valuable time together talking about our business or just watching a good movie.”

Dreaming big, helping others think out of the box, and staying focused are just a few of Partha’s strengths: “I think of our business 24-hours a day. I’m passionate about it!” To downlines he says, “Never quit. If we stay the course; our lives can change.”

Ritu’s final words: “Being in this business has taught me to never accept mediocrity, to dream big, and follow my husband’s lead. We’re capable of achieving what others have achieved when we dream it and do it together.”


  • Partha and Ritu,

    Congratulations on such a big achievement. You are a true leader. Thanks for helping us and guiding us to the path of success. We are ready to follow your footprints and we will make it big.

  • Thanks so much for being a friend and leading by example!!!

  • Congratulations Partha and Ritu, you totally deserve it! Thanks for going the extra mile in serving me and the team. Excited and making it happen.

  • Subrat Biswal

    Its really inspiring…

  • Partha & Ritu
    It was exciting to read your success story. Thanks for your leadership and support all the time.
    We learned from your action.
    You are the BEST.
    -Neeraj and Shailly

  • Congratulations Partha and Ritu.

    This is the one of the great achievement. Thanks for your leadership and Support.

    You are the BEST.

    -Neeraj & Shailly

  • Anuradha Singh

    Congratulations Partha & Ritu,

    Super excited to see your story in achieve magazine, we are blessed to be a part of your Organisation. You both are a great example to follow, always leading from the front and helping each one of us achieve our goals. We value your leadership & friendship.

    Making it happen…

    Ajit & Anu


  • Dayanand & Neelam


    I knew Partha and Ritu from my college days in India. They were bold dream big and make it happen. They beat all the odds and came to the US and shown the path to us. I truly admire their leadership and commitment to the team. We are privileged and blessed to have true visionary as leader& mentor like Partha and Ritu.


    Dayanand & Neelam

  • Hi Partha and Ritu,

    A Warm and Hearty CONGRATULATIONS. You always set the right example and lead from the front. No wonders that there are so many people who want to emulate you.
    Thank you so much for doing the right thing again and again and again. We are honored to have such an incredible uplines.

    All the Best,
    Mohit and Anu

  • Parthasarathi

    Thank You Partha and Ritu, for always leading by example and for being a great friend. You always place other people first before you. Rock n Roll.


  • Cassandra Franklin

    I’m super proud of you guys. You show our team so much love. Thanks for all you. With your help I know that I will be a big success in this business.
    Grace and mercy always

  • Ajit Singh

    Dear Partha & Ritu,
    We feel so proud to be a part of your team. You have always led by example. You are the most giving people that I know of. You have always served your whole team with so much love, dedication and determination.

    We feel so fortunate to be guided in the business by you. Thanks for everything that you do for us. In our eyes…you are already diamonds. We will make you proud.

  • Kashif & Fathima

    Partha & Ritu,

    This is so exciting to see your profile and your thoughts in this article!!! You both have always been such a great help and great friends to us.

    Thank you for continuing to lead by example and constantly encouraging and being builders of people and their dreams!!

    Kashif & Fathima

  • Congratulation Partha & Ritu.

    Yet another great achievement, we are SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

    We have seen you always focused with a big dream and great work ethic. You have guided us in many more ways than just the business has required. We are blessed to learn from you. Thank you for being our friends.

    Biggest part of Parikh’s Platinumship
    -JOhn & Flama

  • Congratulations Partha & Ritu,

    You are the BEST ! We are so proud of your achievement. We have the best of the best leaders in you, always leading from the front. Thanks for always being there for us.

    Ajit & Anu

  • Wow!
    hi mama and paps ! you guys must have worked so hard these
    years. thank u:) you have a dream that will come true!
    You are the B- E-S-T!
    Adviti (your sweetheart)

  • Hey Partha and Ritu,

    Congratulations on this Achievement!

    Both of us always learn a lot from you both from the Example that you both set in the local Cleveland OPEN. Your team is truly honored and privileged to have Uplines like you both!

    We truly appreciate your friendship!
    Sumeet & Ketki Oswal

  • Hey Partha and Ritu,

    Hearty congratulations on this Achievement!

    We always learn a lot from the incredible example that you set in the local Cleveland OPEN! Your team is truly privileged to have uplines like you both!

    Thanks for your friendship!
    Sumeet & Ketki Oswal

  • Balaji & Vidhya

    Partha & Ritu,
    CONGRATULATIONS on your achievement. You have always set a great example of leadership in the cleveland team with your consistency, passion and conviction. We are so privileged to be associating with you locally. Each and IBO in your team is truly blessed to have such a role model upline like you. This is just the beginning and the best is yet to come.
    Best Regards,
    Balaji & Vidhya

  • amway gives you a new beginning to dream again -and to help others to be financially free.
    Dave&Loreen Danny

  • varsha

    hi.. mamu and mamiji.. both of you set a real inspiration for our entire family…you really have worked a lot to acheive all this…

    wishing you all the best,


    congratulations a lot
    we salute your hard work & dedication also passionate abt bizness
    u can do it
    go diamond

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