Meena and Sharad Naik

Love for the Products and People Drive Business – When Meena Naik first married Sharad – and his AMWAY® business – she was working in a pathology lab. “My skin would break out from the chemicals,” she recalls. “I had a drawer full of department store products that didn’t work. When I started using ARTISTRY® skin care and cosmetics, I saw results right away!

“People started asking me what I was doing differently. That’s the beauty of this business: You use the products and they practically sell themselves. Not only did I save money, I also made money!”

Sharad, who works in the IT industry, didn’t initially see the big potential in his small business. In time, however, he, like Meena, “really fell in love with the quality of the products. And then I fell in love with the people on my team.” Those relationships helped him see “the bigger picture.”

With hard work and determination, soon Meena was able to stay home with their daughter, Sejal (8). “Meena is able to enjoy setting her own schedule, and I look forward to the day when I can do the same,” says Sharad.

“I’ll take Sejal to the park, go to the gym, or spend time reading,” she says. “I enjoy talking with people along the way. No matter where you go, you take your business with you.”

That has proven true, even on the other side of the world. The Naiks visit family in India more frequently now, thanks to their AMWAY business, which is growing there. “We love traveling and experiencing different cultures,” says Sharad. They’re also building their business in Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

“People see this business and they see hope,” he believes, “especially in this economy. We desire to help them create the same choices we have. That’s what gives us joy.”

The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs was $202.

Approximately 46% of all IBOs were active.

U.S. IBOs were considered “active” in months in 2010 when they attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended an Amway or IBO meeting.  “Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus monthly bonuses and cash incentives.  It excludes all annual bonuses and cash incentives, and all non-cash awards.  There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation.

The approximate percentage of Direct Fulfillment IBOs in North America who achieved Emerald status in FY10 was 0.0281%.

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure


  • Neelam

    Hey Guys! Congratulations! U look Lovely! Proud to associate with you!

  • Congratulations Sharad & Meena! We are excited to be part of your Diamond team!

  • Congratulations Sharad & Meena! Excited to be part of your Diamond team!

  • Motivating. great Testimonial of theAmway business.

  • Siva & Rathi

    Congratulations Going Diamond Sharad & Meena. Excited and proud to be follow your leadership and your footsteps.

  • Suraj & Keerthi

    Its awesome to see both of you here. Meena, you look so pretty. We are proud to be part of your team.

  • Suraj & Keerthi

    Congratulations.!! This is AWESOME!!!

  • Congratulations Sharad & Meena! Excited to see your profile here. Awesome! So proud to be part of your team.

  • Ganesh and Lalitha

    Congratulations Sharad and Meena, Proud to be part of your Diamond team

  • Sreekumar & Shobana

    Congratulations Sharad & Meena. We are proud to know you and be part of your team.

  • Anita Panigrahi

    Congrats ! Sharad/Meena.

    Proud to see you in the Achieve magazine.
    Love Panigrahi team.

  • sejal naik

    I am so proud of you mommy and daddy!!! Go Diamond!

  • Sriganesh and Santhi

    Congratuations Sharad and Meena.Very proud to be part of your leadership.

  • Anil & Veena Jain

    You are the ultimate leaders. We are blessed to be coached by you.

    Fired up !!

  • Sanmat Panigrahi

    Congratulation! We are proud to be in your winning team. You look superb.

  • Sunil & Smita

    We feel proud to be a part of your team! congrats for making it to the magazine story.

  • Vandana Pankaj Kalra

    Hi Sharad and Meena,

    We are so excited to see your picture and profile here!!!!! We will be here soon :)… Thats a deal!!!!!!!!!!!
    We\’ll make you proud….

  • Nishant Jain

    Congratulations Sharad & Meena!!

    You are an inspiration for all of us. Very proud to be part of your Diamond team.

  • Hi Sharad and Meena,,its great to see your efforts getting recognition….congratulations,,we are blessed to have you in our line of mentors,,,,regards

  • meenakshi

    Hi Meena and Sharad,
    Congratulations,Great to see you guys …….proud to be a part of your team.

  • Ramakanta

    Congratulation! We are proud to be in your winning team. You look superb.

  • Jana&Chitra

    Hi Sharad& Meena,

    Congratulations. Great to see your profile.

  • Madhu & Manavata Vaidya

    Congratulation on your achivement. You are great looking couple and great story. We can learn from you. you are great example.

  • puneel

    Congratulations Sharad & Meena!!!
    Fortunate to be part your team and be able to get your coaching & mentorship..

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