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“Life today is like a fairy tale!” – In Russia, Olga and Mikhail Okunev worked hard as flower vendors to feed their seven children (Denis, Maksim, Mikhail, Konstantin, Danil, Aliona, and Vladislav). But educating them? That wasn’t even a possibility. “That’s why we came to America,” Olga says.

While they were able to see that dream realized, life wasn’t a walk in the park once here. Mikhail took a job in construction; Olga opened a day care in their home. “My parents worked long hours,” Aliona says. “It was often chaos here with 12 to 14 kids in addition to my brothers and me.”

In spite of – or maybe because of – those time constraints, Olga and Mikhail worked just as hard at their Amway™ business.

“We’d used GLISTER® toothpaste and NUTRILITE® supplements in Russia,” Olga says. “When I saw a houseguest of ours had GLISTER toothpaste, I asked where she’d gotten it.” That led to their introduction to the Amway business opportunity.

“It’s the most amazing feeling to help someone out with the products,” Olga remarks. When their jobs foundered, “We decided to build the business full time.”

That has freed them up to have more time for travel, camping, and just enjoying the great outdoors. “My dad still keeps beehives and my mom’s garden gets bigger and bigger every year,” Aliona says.

“Life today is like a fairy tale!” Olga exclaims. “It’s not a struggle. We can sleep in and spend time with our children and grandchildren.” She advises, “Listen to your upline and follow their path. They’ve already walked it.”

The couple’s goals include helping their children (ages 17 to 29) become established and fulfilling their parents’ dreams. They’re happy they can help so many Slavic immigrants through their business. “We also want to help the people in Russia, especially orphans.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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  • Your story is so inspiring. I love our business because it has opened many doors for us to grow. We love Valeriy and Nadia in Charlotte NC so much. They are such a blessing to the organization. We are praying for our Amway family world wide, and we believe that we will be Emeralds and above one day in our business. Thank you for your great example. Lucius and Glenda Harris BWW Charlotte, NC

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