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Executive Diamond

British Columbia

According to plan – There are two beautiful memories Sunki Kim and Misun Yoon have that they will always treasure. One was receiving their first check from their Amway™ business. “I thought, ‘Wow, this is real, this business works!’” says Sunki. The second was when they reached Diamond level. The couple had gone to one of their favorite beaches at midnight to celebrate. “When we arrived, we found more than 100 people waiting for us who had secretly planned a big surprise party for us,” says Misun. “It was one of the most memorable nights of my life.”

In search of a better life
The couple moved to Canada from Korea 15 years ago in search of a better future. Although Sunki had been a successful stockbroker in Korea, his investments all disappeared during Asia’s financial crisis in 1997.

1_03ce307b19f7cf066fe7451acb6d8d1f_1386x924_cropTheir lives were very difficult when they first moved to Canada. Frustrated with the reality of what it meant to be an immigrant in a new country, Sunki could find only menial jobs. He was driving a garbage truck when he was first introduced to the Amway business by a friend who was an Executive Diamond in Amway Korea. Even though he thought it might be difficult for him as a newcomer, “I decided to give it a try,” says Sunki. “I know there are no easy businesses in the world, and this one seemed to offer me the best chance for our future.”

Always one who enjoyed planning ahead, he sat down to figure out what it would take to become a Diamond in three years. “I wanted to be the first Korean Canadian to go Diamond. So I made a plan under the heading ‘Go Diamond!’ and wrote out a schedule of steps I would need to take to reach that level by a certain date,” Sunki says. “To achieve that goal, I would have to be at Emerald level in two years and to do that, I had to make Platinum in one year and Silver in six months.”

Really, the most important thing is to teach others how to succeed and just repeat it over and over, supporting them and encouraging them as they move ahead.

First to diamondship
From that day forward, he was determined to make it happen. And he did, exactly as mapped out.

“Early on, my sponsor said to me, ‘What is most important in this business is building a strong network. Once you do that, the rest will follow.’ And he was right,” says Sunki.

1_c2e3f39e6edb709be1639727912c29b6_1386x924_cropHe showed the Plan to friends and neighbors every night of that first month. “About half would sign up just to be nice, but that really encouraged me,” he says. “And I didn’t have any time to waste to keep up with my schedule!”

They also began using Amway products in their home. “I didn’t hesitate at all about doing that. I looked at it as an investment,” says Sunki.

But while he quickly developed good presentation skills, one challenge for him initially was becoming humble. “I knew that to be successful, I had to learn how to serve others,” he says. “With my background, that wasn’t always easy for me. But once Misun joined me, it became easier. She is a great business partner.”

Change is good
Misun says she, too, learned how to become a people person. “I was never very relationship-oriented before I began helping Sunki with the business,” she says. “I had to change in order to be effective.”

The Vancouver area provided them plenty of opportunities to develop relationships with a wide variety of people. “This city is a real melting pot, with many different ethnic groups,” says Sunki.

At first, he says, it was hard to get everyone to work together as a team “because everyone has their own ideas. But once I realized every person also has individual talents and strengths, I was able to tap into that in positive ways, and it became more of an advantage than a disadvantage. And I knew from our own experience, too, that people can change.”

1_b1c1bad49fb4f17a33f1e26bc4a1cac9_1386x924_cropIndeed, having people from different countries in their organization helped them to expand their business globally and today it stretches around the world. “It has broadened our horizons in many, many ways,” observes Misun.

They say they always advise new people to “have a big heart” and to practice presenting the Plan when they first get started so they are confident when sharing it with others. Misun says that she always emphasizes earning extra income when talking to other women about the business. “Everyone today is interested in hearing about how they can do that,” she says.

They enjoy developing leaders in their downline groups. “Really, the most important thing is to teach others how to succeed and just repeat it over and over, supporting them and encouraging them as they move ahead,” says Sunki.

Another satisfying aspect of their business is watching others blossom. It is always a thrill to bring those who qualify to Achievers for the first time, says Sunki. “They can then see for themselves how big the company is, and how well it treats its IBOs. It’s the best.”

Following in their footsteps
Today the couple are grateful to be enjoying the lifestyle they could only dream about when they left Korea. One of their greatest satisfactions is knowing their son, Jaemin Kim, may someday follow in their footsteps. “He has learned many life lessons by watching us succeed in our business,” observes Misun. “We always encourage him to have big dreams for the future. You are never too young to start dreaming.”

1_260a953682bd9249ac7d1dc0d19d1382_1386x924_cropNow a teenager, it won’t be long before Jaemin will be old enough to start his own Amway business. “And today’s business is so geared toward young people,” adds Sunki. “They all buy products online and are into things like social networking, which is all good for the future of our business. Plus, the company’s focus on health and beauty products is another big advantage because those are the types of products everyone is interested in.”

Their own home continues to be well stocked with Amway products, from the kitchen to the laundry area, as it has been from the very beginning. One product in particular they enjoy using as a door opener is ARTISTRY® TIME DEFIANCE® Vitamin C + Wild Yam because people can feel the difference it makes right away.

They take good care of themselves and enjoy staying fit and being active. Their healthy lifestyle sets an example for their downlines, and gives them the opportunity to talk with people about many other Amway products, too, such as NUTRILITE® DOUBLE X®.

When we were desperate to survive, Amway gave us hope for the future.
– Sunki

They’re also on the move a lot for their business, traveling back and forth between Korea and other countries and enjoying every minute.

“I think this is the happiest time of our lives,” says Misun. “I always imagined what it would be like to reach Executive Diamond level, and it is every bit as wonderful as I had hoped.”

“We are just ordinary people who had a dream. We followed our plan and never stopped doing what we needed to do to achieve it. And look what happened.”




The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs was $202.

Approximately 46% of all IBOs were active.

U.S. IBOs were considered “active” in months in 2010 when they attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended an Amway or IBO meeting. “Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus monthly bonuses and cash incentives. It excludes all annual bonuses and cash incentives, and all non-cash awards. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation.

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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