Moving and Shaking – Kathy Victor

Kathy Victor, Crown. Kathy has served on the following: IBOAI Board, Business Operations Committee, and Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC). She will begin serving her second three-year IBOAI Board term in 2011.

Kathy Victor is a mover and a shaker. And it’s clear she loves helping to shape policies and provide input to Amway on everything from new products to social networking tactics to PV/BV ratios. “As board members, we are not speaking for ourselves or our own groups,” she emphasizes. “We’ve pledged to represent every IBO in the field, and we take that very seriously: When you speak up, your voices are heard. And it really does make a difference.”

The Victor voice is well-known in the AMWAY™ business. Joe and Helyne Victor, Kathy’s in-laws, were there when Amway first launched in 1959. They helped form the first IBOAI Board. Joe, and Kathy’s husband, Jody, have served on the IBOAI Board. Carrying on the family name is a responsibility Kathy does not take lightly. “These founding families – the Hansens, the Dutts, the Victors – were all good, honorable people with great moral values, so you want to live up to the legacy they began,” she says. “I’d guess 80% of the Amway business today started with those original families.”

The next generation

The Victor legacy continues with Jody and Kathy’s two sons, Joe and Steve, who are both Founders Platinum. “What better testaments to a business opportunity than having your children want to follow in their grandfather and father’s footsteps? And their wives, Kelli and Marcia, are every bit as involved as our boys are,” she adds proudly. “I hope to some degree that example  was set from one generation to the next; working together as husband and wife is one of the best things about this business.”

Speaking of spouses, Kathy mentions how proud she is of Jody’s accomplishments. “He played a key role in restructuring the way businesses can pass from one generation to the next.” Kathy’s thoughts on her role: “I like to think that in some small way I’ve helped keep the communication flowing between the company and the field,” she reflects. “And I always tell other women, ‘Come on, ladies, speak up! Your voices need to be heard, too.’”


  • Bill and Diane

    Kathy, we’re so proud of you. You really set the bar high – and set the pace with your commitment. It speaks volumes to us all.

    Love you,
    Diane and Bill

  • Lori Levi

    Kathy Victor rocks and gives other strong minded women someone to follow and aspire to be like. I’m so glad she is my upline leader and glad to be part of the MMP family!
    Lori Levi

  • George -Yolanda

    With Kathy in the steering wheel we feel secure and safe. We know Kathy and her heart. We’re very lucky to have such leaders like Jody & Kathy. God bless you.

  • We just got back from LTD’s Impact 2011 in Louisville, KY and wanted to thank you for your outreach and positive attitude! You made an impact in thousands of lives, and although I can’t personally speak for all of them I can say that you have touched both the hearts of my girlfriend and I here in Albuquerque, NM! Thank you for changing your plans this past weekend and for making the effort to be a part of Larry and Pam’s lives! Receiving the original paperwork was an honor and every LTD member will fight to preserve the legacy that you and the Victor family have worked so hard to achieve!

    We will soon see you at the top!

    Sky Carlisle & Shari Forys
    LTD Team – Winters/Snipes
    Albuquerque, NM

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