Nandini and Rajesh Krishnamurthy



Living lives of significance – “We believe in bullet-proofing new IBOs,” Rajesh says.

While it’s not as ominous as it sounds, it can lead to longevity in the Amway™ business.

“If you’re going into war for your country and you don’t receive proper training, you’ll be the first person to get shot,” he says. “Same with this business. Your odds of surviving increase when you take the time to prepare yourself.”

Rajesh, a software engineer who now does part-time consulting, admits that one of his biggest challenges was transitioning from an employee mentality to one of a business owner. “With independence comes responsibility. Suddenly, you have a lot more to take care of than just the limited responsibilities of your job.”

Business meetings and the IBO profiles in Achieve magazine “gave me the confidence that I could succeed in the opportunity, too,” he says.

As their business grew, Nandini was able to leave her job in IT recruiting. “Now I stay home and raise our 3-year-old son, Vaibhav Rajesh. Amway is the only business opportunity where dreams matter more than the skills you bring to the business. As long as you have the desire and are willing to learn and work hard, you can build this business.”

Today, Rajesh and Nandini have time to take Vaibhav to the park or out for ice cream. “Spending time with him is such a blessing,” Nandini says. “And when my parents visit from India, they don’t have to sit at home while I’m at a job.”

Perhaps the best part of building an Amway™ business is “discovering my true potential,” says Rajesh. “I used to think that if I went to college and got a job with a big company, I’d be all set. But this business showed me that was an average life. Now we get to live lives of significance, impacting people around the world.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure


  • salve complimenti x il succeso avuto lo potessi avere io mi trovate qualcuno che x voi e in piu grazie.

  • Concnratulations – Nandini and Rajesh Krishnamurthy!! We wanted be there wehre you are and beyond. Thanks for the tips of ‘bullet-proofing new IBOs’!!
    Ashraf & Selina
    Plano (Dallas), Texas

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