The Nardone Organization Proves the Power of Partnership in Education

A strong supporter of IBO training and huge proponent of the partnership between Amway and the field for educational success, Claudia Nardone was thrilled to have downline IBOs participate in the Amway Learning Center’s Train the Trainer Program. She is also a strong advocate of the online courses available through the Amway Learning Center.

“Through the Train the Trainer Program, Amway teaches the basics but it is the IBO trainer who enhance what they’ve learned with personal stories based on their own experiences,” remarks Claudia. “People can relate to IBOs who are active in the field – they’ll listen and learn from true stories, both good and bad.”

Six Amway IBOs downline from Claudia participated in the Train the Trainer Program and were selected based upon metrics as well as IBO leader input on their personality, level of activity in the business, and potential. Choosing who should participate was a collaboration. Claudia pointed out, “If the Corporation made the decision based solely on numbers, they may not have selected IBOs who were actively working the business and wanted to continue building their businesses. That’s why it’s important to make the decision together.”

Claudia strongly recommends the Train the Trainer Program to other organizations because “it helps increase the leadership skills of IBOs who participate, presentations are better overall, and the training and education provided by Amway is outstanding.” For Juliana Fink, an IBO who participated in the program, “it was a privilege to be part of something of such magnitude. It helped us grow and gave us more credibility because we are now Corporate-approved trainers.”

Through the experience of participating in the Train the Trainer Program, the Nardones’ understanding of how Amway operates and makes decisions also grew. Claudia believes “the Corporation gained insight into how this business is about relationships as well as about numbers – knowing people and recognizing their potential as trainers and leaders is important.”

Claudia shares that training for IBOs by an IBO works well because “they want to know the person presenting is really out there doing it. Someone may be presenting good information but IBOs in the audience may not listen unless they know you’re the one growing the business. IBOs engaged in the business will engage others. That’s why the Train the Trainer Program makes sense. Amway helps with the product knowledge and presentation skills while the IBO presenter enhances it with real-life experience and stories. It works!”

Claudia is also quick to mention she recommends IBO leaders send IBOs to the Amway Learning Center for additional training. “Because of the Learning Center’s excellent courses, I am pleased and relieved that I don’t have to know everything about the products – through Amway, there are so many resources available for IBOs – not just print. And there are so many topics available through the Amway Learning Center. An IBO is not limited. You can take the courses anytime … at home in a bathrobe if you want!”

When Claudia sends IBOs to the Learning Center to take online courses, she always asks them for feedback. She reports, “for the most part, the feedback is great. They love the flexibility and freedom to take what they want, when they want. They can even start a course, stop midpoint, and return later to complete it. Some courses are short so they’re easy to complete within a normally busy schedule.” She frequently suggests IBOs take Selling 101 a couple times a year to “keep fresh.” This course is an excellent reminder to look at the needs of others, rather than just get a product sold. As Claudia says, “It’s so much better if you meet the needs of others first, rather than just get the sale made. Selling 101 keeps you sharp and no matter how long you’ve been in the business, you can benefit by taking it once or twice a year.”

By partnering with Amway in the Train the Trainer Program and utilizing the resources available through the Amway Learning Center, Claudia remarks “downline IBOs have been enriched. Many of them feel more connected with Amway. It did away with the ‘them’ and ‘us’ thinking.”


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