Olivia and Pedro Jiménez




“Without this business I would be lost” – It’s early afternoon and Pedro and Olivia Jimenez are home, with son Uriel (1) babbling contentedly nearby. They don’t have to look far to see one of the greatest blessings of their Amway™ business: getting to be hands-on parents. In a couple of hours they will pick up daughter Rio (5) from the school where they volunteer regularly.

“Without this business, I would be lost,” says Pedro, who experienced a high level of stress in real estate. “Our Amway business gives us hope. We have more time to breathe, to contemplate and enjoy all areas of life.”

Life wasn’t always this peaceful. “I was working a ton of hours while dealing with overhead and a fluctuating (real estate) market that affected my commission checks,” he continues. “I saw a way (with Amway) to gain better control of my time and finances.”

Olivia, a former newspaper reporter, was like-minded. “I was confident from the very beginning that this opportunity was a good one!” says Pedro’s former downline.
Obviously, Amway proved to be better than “good” and more than just a business opportunity.

“That was the biggest surprise,” Pedro says, “that it turned out to be so much more. The vision of the Amway founders has changed and shaped us in remarkable ways. We’re better communicators, leaders, and mentors. It’s no wonder the Corporation has succeeded over the years!”

Dreams of a new home, motor coach, and world travel seem more attainable now – but they’re simply the icing on the cake. “We’re happy we can truly enjoy our kids and help others, thanks to Amway,” Pedro states. “We want to see our associates reach their dreams,” he says.

It’s also a blessing that “we’re in a position to help our families,” Olivia adds.

“We can’t see ourselves doing anything else (besides Amway) now,” Pedro observes. “It’d be like going backwards!”

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