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February 2010 Fast Track Qualifiers

Bonfilio and Angelica Aguilar Ildefonso Alberto Morales Michelle An Jose B Argueta Eddie and Harumi Baladad Nelson Bellido and Sonia Bellido De Luna Pedro De JS Bello Matias and Sandra J Collado Damiron Juan Blanco and Dulce Diaz Mick and Angie Blanteno Katty Brea Brazoban and Narciso Zorrilla Mena Lazaro …Read Full Story

January 2010 Fast Track Qualifiers

Felicia Abreu Valenzuela Abel Alcantara Luis Manuel Almonte and Yendy Diaz Munoz Jaime Alvarez and Veronica Chavez Nidia Esther Batista and Ruben Bolivar Bonilla Gonzalo Becerril and Leticia Ocampo Morena Bello Socorro Bernal Claudia Bernal and Sergio Vazquez Bleyson and Xavier Betancourt Fiordaliza Caba Jose Camacho and Yadira Castillo Magin …Read Full Story

Achievers '09 Recognition Night

Achievers ’09 Recognition Night

You will not want to miss Achievers ’10 in San Diego after you view the Recognition Night Videos from Achievers ’09 in Las Vegas. The evening was filled with inspiring words from Amway leaders, moving stories from IBO leaders, and exciting gift give-aways. Session 1 Get the latest Flash Player …Read Full Story

Jim & Nancy Dornan

Create the Life You Want to Live Jim and Nancy Dornan | 50 Founders Achievement Award Points | Founders Crown Ambassador Dare to Dream Big – Nancy Dornan loves “before and after” pictures – glimpses of people she’s seen improve their lives. From scavenging for scraps to dining every day. …Read Full Story

Real-life Action Hero

Real-life Action Hero

Ray Barrera was first featured in our Heroes issue of Achieve magazine in July of 2009. He shared an amazing story: Ray entered the Army in 1966, and joined the Army Special Forces Unit in 1968. In 1972 during a night jump

And the Winner of the IBO Talent Show is - Diane Blacquiere

And the Winner of the IBO Talent Show is – Diane Blacquiere

Your votes have been tallied and the judges confirm that the top 3 IBO Talent Show finalists are:

December 2009 Fast Track Qualifiers

Liliana Agudelo Reina and Jose Alas Alicia Alayon and Pedro Lofeo Juan and Matilde Alcantar Pedro Aldana Magaly and Luis Aldana Jose and Laura Alvarez Myriam Andrade Elmer Arevalo Velasquez and Delma Arevalo Sical Miguel Emilio Arnaud and Aracelis Martinez Margarita and Epifanio Ayala Santos Benitez and Percida Villatoro Todd …Read Full Story