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No limits – Between the two of them, Pankaj and Archana Gupta have three master’s degrees. Although both were settled into well-paying corporate jobs when they first saw the Amway™ business, Archana was excited about it right away. “I saw it as a way to get some flexibility so I could spend more time with our two boys, Sharvil and Eshan,” she explains.

Pankaj admits he didn’t take it seriously enough at first. “I understood the concept,” he says. “But with my successful corporate career, I thought I could always build it later.”

However, with their demanding jobs, leaving their two boys in day care, they realized they didn’t want to wait to create a more satisfying lifestyle, and decided to start seriously building their Amway business. Eventually, Archana was indeed able to leave the corporate world behind.

Unlimited choices
“What I really love about this business is that as it grows, it gives you more choices in life,” says Pankaj. “In the corporate world your choices are very limited, but this is a business of great potential.”

Strong leaders demonstrate strong character. They have accountability and integrity. – Pankaj Gupta

It was an eye opener to them, however, that many of their friends weren’t as excited about the business as they were. “A lot of people told us it wouldn’t work, but no one told us what would work,” says Pankaj. “We understood the security and the long-term rewards the business had to offer.”

Walking the walk
They enjoy developing leaders, especially when they recognize individuals who have what it takes. “They’re the ones who are willing to listen and willing to do the work,”
Archana observes.

Pankaj and Archana believe that goal setting is one of the keys to success. “Not just immediate goals, but thinking ahead and planning what you have to do next,” says Pankaj. “Continually asking yourself, ‘What is our next goal and how will we get there?’”

“You have to keep working toward your long-term vision and not get frustrated when things aren’t going well in the short term,” adds Archana.

They love the fact that their growing international business provides them with the opportunity to visit family in India, where they’re originally from, and that there are virtually no limits, global or otherwise, to what their business offers.

“We always say that Amway was like the first e-commerce business, selling directly to people, but they did it for the first 40 years without the internet!” laughs Pankaj. “We are just getting started. Thanks to our business, our children will be able to live life fully and have more choices, too.”

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure


  • Jay&Savita from Sydney

    Hi Pankaj & Archana,
    We heard your diamond CD. What a champion attitude you have. We are really inspired by your work ethics. Your CD is really touching so many hearts. Thank you so much for setting a great example for the whole BWW team to follow.
    From: Sydney.


    You are our inspiration.

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