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Partha & Sandhya Suresh Diamond | California  When a colleague introduced Partha Suresh (who goes by Suresh) to the AMWAY™ business opportunity, he saw a way to realize his dream of starting a business. A year later, his wife, Sandhya, joined him in building the business, and six months after that, left her job as a biomedical engineer to build the business full time. “Not because I was replacing my income,” she says, “but because I saw potential.” After achieving Emerald, Suresh left his job as a software engineer to work the business full time with his wife.

Living in California near Silicon Valley with son Shervin and daughter Shefali, Suresh and Sandhya find prospects among fellow engineers who share their entrepreneurial passion. Suresh says the traditional path for an entrepreneur includes some challenges. Some entrepreneurs struggle with the lack of capital or guidance, which can make it difficult to reach their goals, believes Suresh.

Minimal risk and maximum support set the AMWAY business opportunity apart. With minimal investment, anyone can own an AMWAY business, and the great thing is that Amway is there for you and will support you all the way. “We are able to do it – and to help others who are willing to start,” says Suresh.

Family is a priority. Owning their own business allows the Sureshes the flexibility to spend time with their children. “It’s given us choices,” says Sandhya. “Our life right now is revolving around the kids, building the business, and helping people.”

They travel to India at least once a year to reconnect with extended family, many of whom are part of the business. At home in California, they create a special family for their downlines, many of whom are immigrants without local ties. “They want to be part of something. We keep it family-oriented. It’s so much fun. It’s great,” says Sandhya.

For their children and the young families they meet, the Sureshes seek to be living examples of the possibilities. “This business is not just for us,” says Suresh. “So many young couples and families can realize their goals and dreams. Not just for money, but for their families.”

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure


  • Venkat Ramanathan

    We are so blessed to have you as our mentors. Thanks a zillion for changing our lives positively – With Love & Respect, Venkat $ Ranjani




    success story is great

  • We are so excited to work with you in this awesome business opportunity. We know the best is yet to come, and the future is bright. Thanks for creating the vision for us to be something in life and help lots more people around us. We are so excited to have you as a great mentor in our life.

  • Raju & Nisha

    Super duper! Hearty Congratulations! Great inspiration & phenomenal example you are setting for us to follow! Love, Rajus
    “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” John C. Maxwell

  • Congratulations for impacting and changing many many live in your own very special way!
    Thanks for the love and encouragement you provide unconditionally to all of us
    – Love you all , Sameer & Shalini

  • Revathy

    This business is absolutely real and its my privilege to take up this opportunity and realizing my goals and dreams in the positive surroundings.

    Lets pray god for partha’s family for more success and happiness in their entire life.

  • Thank you Suresh & Sandhya for your unconditional love and mentor ship. We are absolutely fired up to be in this awesome business.

  • Sampath Raghavan

    Thanks Suresh and Sandhya for setting a great example for us to follow and able to achieve great Success and Happiness and also helping many more to achieve the same. We are blessed to be in your team and under your mentorship. Best is yet to come.

    With Love and Respect,
    Sampath & Ramya

  • Karthik

    Thanks Suresh and Sandhya for a great example. We can\’t thank you enough for all that you do over and above the call of duty and set an environment where everyone can learn and follow. West Coast is blessed because of you.

    Fond regards,
    Karthik & Shobana

  • Madhura Srini

    Awesome leaders ! Great teachers ! Best of the best :)

  • Awesome. We are proud to be part of your team.

  • Raju Pandu

    Dear Suresh & Sandhya,
    This is awesome! Congratulations for setting a great example for us to follow!
    “A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others see”
    Love, Raju, Nisha, Poojita & Vinayak

  • Suresh is fatherly friend to us and Sandya is very pleasing personality. We are very much blessed to be a part their organisation and having them us one of our mentors. This is a couple covering the 210 degree blind spots for us many times. Thank you for being a part of our life. – Jegan $ Shobana

  • sudha

    very proud about our mentor.they are very simple also.we are lucky.

  • Naveen and Varuni

    Dear Suresh and Sandhya,
    Thanks for being a great examples and blessing in our life.
    We have seen you working very hard and achieve financial freedom in last few years.

    You said it all. We are with you to achieve our dreams and goals and help other people as well.
    Thanks for feeding us whenever we are at your place. Your hospitality is awesome and no wonder you have so many fans and followers.

    With love and respect
    Naveen and Varuni

  • We are very proud to be part of your team. Thanks for making positive difference in our lives & family.

  • Jayaraj & Anitha , India

    Great Sucsses Story

  • Maddy and Divya

    Dear EDC Suresh and Sandhya, Thanks to you and all dear uplines that you have created over the years. Because of the awesome atmosphere, Divya and I are growing leaps and bounds in this wonderful opportunity. You are always setting the PACE for the whole BWW Team. The first west coast emerald and first west coast diamond. We will make sure that our team has a bus coming for FED 2011 from phoenix, arizona.

    Maddy and Divya.

  • Mohamed Ziyath

    Dear Diamond going EDC Suresh and Sandhya- You are the Guiding Lights for all of us. The path which is showing to us are always Shining… No matter where we are now- Everyday we are getting more shines. we are absolutely reaching the destination. We got a Blessed timings from Almighty God through the Shining Diamonds.

    Always Super Excited- Mohamed Ziyath.

  • Vivek & Kavitha Pai

    Dear Suresh and Sandhya,

    Thank you for all that you do. You two are an incredible couple and family.

    Given that our uplines are far away, we are very fortunate to plug into your team of winners and learn from the best of the best.

    Our business has grown from what we learn from you and your team at the open & PASE meetings.

    With love,

    Vivek & Kavitha Pai

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