Paula and Johnny Matos


Founders Executive Diamond

Dominican Republic

Dreams Are the Fuel, Passion Is Their Spark – Johnny Matos had five jobs and worked 16-hour days to support his family on the day he first heard about Amway from one of his bosses. He and Paula, now sitting comfortably in their dream home in the Dominican Republic, remember just how hard life was in those early years. They share easy laughs as they talk about how far they’ve come. Johnny says, “We didn’t get in this business looking to get a Mercedes-Benz, big house, or to be rich. I wanted to spend more time with family and be able to have a little bit of slack financially, but never to be rich.”

1_c68fefe3bb3d2a72efa71d2990b2d09c_1386x924_cropInitial excitement about their new business and all of its possibilities dimmed when reality kicked in. “With all his jobs, Johnny didn’t have time to develop the business. I would call and tell him, ‘At this place, we have this presentation,’ and he would say ‘I can’t, I don’t have time!’’’

Achieving Diamond, dreaming Diamond
As their income increased, one by one Johnny began to leave his jobs. He and Paula agreed to take things a step at a time, setting their initial goal for Emerald, to have the financial flexibility they needed. Reaching Emerald in only 18 months, they found new dreams and goals to keep them focused.

Reaching Diamond is an indescribable milestone. In Paula’s words, “There are so many emotions of joy and satisfaction in the accomplishment, plus being able to help six others become Platinum. It’s all that comes behind this business that is extraordinary. It’s heartwarming to know that what we do changes other people’s lives.”

I will say, in addition to the money, the most fabulous thing that’s ever happened to us as a result of being AMWAY business owners is to be able to bring up our children in a wholesome environment. -Paula

Johnny adds, “When we reached Diamond we found ourselves thinking, ‘Well, now it’s time to make some bigger dreams come true.’ We bought our home in the country and began to travel more. Definitely having dreams is what helps us push forward. They’re important because they propel us to keep progressing to the next level.”

1_f8dd18ec95aa0926d9da83385dbbde50_1386x924_cropFor the most part, people are interested in owning a business for the money, Johnny says. “I could tell you that 99 percent of the people look at The Plan with their thoughts on solving one financial issue or another. Once people start earning money, a greater sense of satisfaction comes with knowing they will be igniting a spark of hope for other families.”

He continues, “This business model can transform societies through the development of entrepreneurs with a modern attitude and an attitude of service. In the traditional world, workers and employers seek their own priorities. In an AMWAY™ business, we have to help many families achieve their financial freedom before we can achieve ours, too.”

Wholesome, healthy and happy relationships
Being in business together strengthened Johnny and Paula’s personal relationship with each other and their children. Paula comments, “I will say, in addition to the money, the most fabulous thing that’s ever happened to us as a result of being AMWAY business owners is to be able to bring up our children in a wholesome environment.”

1_8098e448661a871fa910339871874d42_1386x924_cropShe continues, “I would say it’s a miracle from God for us to be able to educate our children, give them the time they really need, for us to be there at their best and most difficult times. When they’re sick, there’s no boss to ask for permission to stay home with them. When our son was in the hospital, we couldn’t imagine not being able to stay by his bedside 24/7.”

To know their time is their own is more than a comfort to Paula; she likes being in control. “We make every decision on how and when to dedicate our time to the things we believe in,” she says. “We decide our priorities. For me, as a mother, that is an extraordinary benefit.”

Support from mentors has always been something they rely on, according to Johnny. “In our weakest times, mentors have been there for us. They don’t do our work. Mentors cheer us up, provide advice, and guide us. Mentors are a GPS for IBOs downline from them. This support system is essentially important to every IBO’s success.”

Hard work and sacrifice, reward and fulfillment
1_c7ff94e8da2fb83dce9b9dd5ed4d36b0_1386x924_cropPaula remembers well the scrutiny and criticisms when they were first starting out. “I was called a bad mother. I had to go out and work on our business and leave the kids with a babysitting service. Often people who criticize us don’t understand what an AMWAY business is. Everything works out in time, because today my children are getting a very uncommon and exceptional lifestyle – plus they get a full-time dad.”

By always staying focused on their next goal, Johnny and Paula maintain their momentum. Now that they are Executive Founders Diamond, this will not change. They plan to continue on with all of the same passion and drive.

There are no limits when you own an AMWAY business. The Corporation puts the whole cake out there for anyone who would like to enjoy it. -Johnny

About that drive, Johnny says you have to move from the passenger side to the driver seat. “You have to keep the same energy, the same enthusiasm. There are no limits when you own an AMWAY business. The Corporation puts the whole cake out there for anyone who would like to enjoy it.”

The future looks excellent from where Johnny and Paula are sitting today. Paula says, “We’re very excited. Today, we have our house in the country. I can already visualize myself there with my grandkids and all that, so it is something spectacular.”

1_dae3d189342e834acf579d21c254242a_1386x924_cropOwning an AMWAY business allows people to design their life around family, friends, time, and personal interests. Johnny and Paula are busy designing what their future will look like and while they’re excited to reach each new level, what matters most is accomplishing it with other families. It’s a spectacular experience, they say, when you find yourself sitting on an airplane going toward any destination in the world with a family that has never done it before. Paula enjoys watching families grow through their business experiences. “We enjoy seeing IBOs progress, and we enjoy being able to talk to them about priorities other than just making ends meet.”

Johnny adds, “Because we didn’t come to this world to merely make ends meet, but to live! And that is what the Amway business is about.”

1_408fdb832cdd3d1d757be7baa1c535f8_1386x924_cropHigher purpose, giving to others
One of the most beautiful things for Johnny and Paula about where they are in their business today is that they’re able to do things they once could only dream of. Even so, they don’t want to be remembered for the money they make, the car they drive, the house they live in, or the vacations they take. They’d prefer instead to be known for their strength of character and leadership.

Today, they have the ability to give generously of their time, hearts, and finances to those who are less fortunate – a dream come true for them. Every year for Christmas, Johnny and Paula gather with family and friends to make dinner for the kids from an orphanage. Together they bring gifts, good cheer and celebrate the kids.

Johnny says, “Our hope is to give these children a chance to smile for at least one night of the year. Helping others is what this business is about!”


The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs was $202.

Approximately 46% of all IBOs were active.

U.S. IBOs were considered “active” in months in 2010 when they attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended an Amway or IBO meeting. “Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus monthly bonuses and cash incentives. It excludes all annual bonuses and cash incentives, and all non-cash awards. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation.

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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