Pavel Gomez and Liliam Martínez


Founders Diamond


Living a Life of Options – Getting up at 3 a.m. to drive a delivery truck around the city was not what Pavel Gomez dreamed of when he came to the United States from Cuba. “I wanted to have options in life,” he recalls about why he moved here.

When he was shown the Amway™ business by a friend, “I was very excited about it. It all made sense right away,” says Pavel. “I thought it was the most logical thing I’d ever seen.”

Lily, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure about the idea. She was quite shy and didn’t think of herself as an entrepreneur. “I worked in a cafeteria – what would I know about running a business?” she asks.

But she, too, wanted to enjoy life more than they were able to working at their jobs. And slowly but surely, her confidence began to build. “When people tell you constantly, ‘You can do it. You can do it,’ eventually, you begin to believe them. Then you go out and do it!” she exclaims.

Training and mentoring go hand in hand
One of the biggest lessons they learned when building their business was that each person has his or her own way of learning. “And they all go at a different pace. For some, learning is very easy; for others it’s difficult,” says Pavel, who feels training and mentoring go hand in hand. “Mentoring helps you identify who the potential leaders are and the training gives them the resources they need to develop.”

Reaching Founders Diamond is fantastic, but it’s just one step in our continuing journey as leaders. – Pavel Gomez

He says you need to be patient with those who don’t immediately see the benefits of the business. “You need to help them rekindle their dreams,” advises Pavel.

Identifying goals
It’s especially important to listen to people, he continues. “You need to know what their focus is and understand what they’re looking for. The younger generation, for example, may have different goals than older people. What is it they value the most in life?”

For Pavel and Lily, what they value the most is being able to spend time with their little boy, who is now four. “This is the kind of thing I dreamed about when I came to this country,” says Pavel. “For us, it’s all about having options.”

“This business is a lifelong commitment, and we have a big mission ahead of us,” says Pavel. “We need to teach others how to do what we did: reach your next level.”

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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