Perseverance and Patience Pay Off – Holly Chen

Holly Chen, Crown Ambassador, While Holly Chen and Barry Chi’s accomplishments are legendary within the Amway family, Holly’s journey from rags to riches provides inspiration to women around the world. Adored by everyone who knows her for animated and impassioned storytelling, Holly is both humble and concise when she recites her personal story: “I was born into poverty and grew up a poor daughter. I used to be the poor mother of three poor kids. Now because of our AMWAY™ business, I’m very happy to be a rich mother and grandmother, too!”

Holly started her life in a desperate situation and has persevered through incredible obstacles over manyyears before starting an AMWAY business. Holly never let her current situation control her dreams. Because of the suffering early in her life, she says, “I know how precious even the smallest ‘things’ are and how to care for people.” Holly focuses on how she can give to others and it shows in the love she gets in return from those that know her.

With their Amway business being the first on record to reach 70 FAA points, Holly and Barry were honored for that accomplishment by Amway and various affiliates in 2010. Holly will be the first to admit that success takes time. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, she says everyone needs to invest time, as well as persistence, hard work and effort, enthusiasm, patience, and self reflection to help pave the path to success.

“Really successful people look for success among the problems. Those who are destined for success are always looking for the positive. I still look for the positive side. I tell young people today, ‘You are so fortunate. Don’t focus on your problems and talk about your issues.’ Their problems cannot compare to those I’ve suffered. I’ve paved the way for them to be successful. “I never forget the past, the hardships I’ve encountered, and the excitement of the early days being an IBO.” Holly admits that every day she is improving. Every day she gives herself applause because she has become braver, stronger, and bolder.

“Every day I ask myself how I can help others be as happy as I am.” The more success Holly and Barry share, the more people she realizes there are to help. She wants everyone to grow beyond their expectations and be happy with who they are. Holly shares, “When I feel so good about helping others … I help myself!”


  • robert small

    Wow. she and her husband have achieved alot,I believe that jenise and I can achieve the same thing too with a lot of time and effort.

  • She has achived alot with Amway I am working to reach the top and have more than enough money for myself and for persons who cant even afford to send their children to school becuae they dont have what it takes to send them


  • Barry and Holly have a very inspiring story. I respect them very much for their high achievements.

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