Pooran and Amla Benny



Designed to overcome to become – Pooran and Amla Benny have overcome many challenges in their nearly four decades together. Perhaps the greatest has been their own morale.

“Before this business, I was not a person of positive thinking,” Pooran says. “I ran away from my responsibilities.”

When their sponsor showed them how an Amway™ business could help them take care of those responsibilities and develop their dreams – all with his help, “I had hope,” Pooran says.

At the time, Pooran worked as an investigator for the government. Amla taught school. “Our girls (Simla, Aarti, and Anushka) were little,” she says. “We were living paycheck to paycheck. ‘What legacy are you leaving for these children?’ our sponsor asked. That convinced us to try something different.”

Within three years, they were able to buy their first home. “It was nothing fancy, but it was ours,” she says. Even better was the day they received their Q12 bonus. “We were able to walk into the mortgage company and pay off our home. That was really exciting!”

Today, they’ve converted that home into a warehouse “where we can service our team in Trinidad and Tobago,” Pooran says. They’ve also left their jobs and look forward to “traveling the world and bringing a lot of people along with us,” Amla adds.

Not only do they hope to see Europe and Australia, the Bennys also want to make a positive mark on many lives, just as their mentors have made on theirs. Thanks to them, “our daughters (all IBOs) will never have to worry where the next dollar is coming from. We’ve created a legacy for them,” Amla says.

“The most important thing we can do is lay a foundation for people to understand the principles of the Amway business and really build themselves,” Pooran believes. “We are designed to dream, to succeed – to overcome, to become.”

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  • Vashti Jerry

    WOW!!! Congrats to the most amazing uplines for their hard work,committment and dedication. We love you guys!!! Thanks for leading the way. We will definitely be following soon.

  • Avalyn Macey

    Congratulations Pooran and Amla! Thank you for providing hope and help for so many of us and putting Trinidad on the BWW AMWAY map! You guys are the best!

  • sylvia Benny-Jebodh

    My sponsors, the best that have been nurtured in the Caribbean.we are infinitismally proud of you and your perrenial support.

  • Subrina Mohammed

    You truly are an inspiration to become and overcome. The passion you display and the excitement that evolves around you guys is totally awesome!

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