Ramon and Sonia Mendoza

“This business has given us health,” says Sonia Mendoza. “That’s a huge word, health.”

At the time the AMWAY® business opportunity came into their lives, Sonia and Ramon were living full tilt. They already owned a busy bridal shop and a bustling accounting business. In addition, Sonia, who’d recently graduated, planned on adding a law firm to the mix.

“A lot of our business activities had to be done in the evenings or on weekends,” she says. Come springtime, they were lucky to even make it home. “It was overwhelming. Family life (with daughter, Jasmine, now grown) was difficult.” And time for exercise or healthy meals? Non-existent.

“Ramon was in and out of the hospital with nerve and cardiovascular issues,” Sonia continues. “So when we finally took the time to learn about the AMWAY business opportunity, we saw a way to buy back time.”

Despite the constraints on their time, “It was just a six-month ride before we hit Platinum,” she says.

They started by “knowing the products and sharing the results.” The ARTISTRY® cosmetic and skin care line was a natural fit with their bridal business. Moreover, “The health axis of our lives has really been transformed, thanks to NUTRILITE® nutritional supplements,” Sonia shares. So far, Ramon has lost 40 pounds and recovered his health.

These days, he and Sonia make a point of being home to connect with Jasmine, who’s building her own AMWAY business, and their “girls,” dogs Cocoa and Lily.

“We love having personal time and time to travel!” Ramon says. “We have a choice now in how and where we spend our time.”

“And we can sleep well at night!” Sonia adds.

The Mendozas are also excited to be able to “give back” to others, especially causes that aid children and the elderly. “We’ve learned to care for ourselves and others,” Ramon states.

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