Relationship is Strengthened Working Together – Raj & Sunitha Nambiar

Texas, Business strategist Raj Nambiar learned early on that, “Traditional business doesn’t always correlate with relationships. It’s often about profit over people.” That didn’t sit well with this self-professed “people person.”

When introduced to the AMWAY™ business opportunity, Raj was impressed by the people he met. “They seemed to be more confident and possessed good people skills,” he says.

Sunitha noticed “how the husband-wife relationship could be strengthened by working together to achieve common goals. We wanted that for our own family down the road,” she says. Besides becoming a mom someday, the speech pathologist dreams of using her skills to help disadvantaged children in their homeland of India.

She and Raj value the “extended family” they’ve formed through their AMWAY business. “Part of our team is from Russia,” Sunitha marvels. “We’ve become friends with people we never would’ve had the chance to meet if not for this business.”

Not only that, but they’re also able to sell products they strongly believe in, like NUTRILITE® Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary Supplements.

“They’re top-notch products that help lead us to a better quality of life,” Raj says, adding that even those low in carbs taste great.

“There’s no better combination than having the support of Amway and our upline leading by example,” he believes.

The average monthly gross income earned by “active” IBOs was $115 (U.S.)/$181 (CAN.).

The success depicted may reflect income and investments outside the IBO Compensation Plan. Approximately 66% of all IBOs of record were found to be active.* The percentage of IBOs who achieved Founders Executive Diamond and above qualification in FY08 was .00565%.

*Based on an independent survey during 2001, “Active” means an IBO attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended a company or IBO meeting in the year 2000.

“Gross income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus the amount of Performance Bonus retained. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation.

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure


  • Balaji & Vidhya Govindachari

    Raj & Sunitha,
    Thank you so much for setting a great example for us and for touching so many thousands of lives in a positive way. We are truly blessed to be part of your team.
    Best Regards,
    Balaji & Vidhya

  • Satish

    Wow…Super excited to see our own uplines here. blessed to be part of this organization and guided by such incredible leaders.

  • Ankur Patel

    Raj & Su, you are our role model and we are in the process of duplication your attitude and work ethics.

    Thank you for being in our lives

    Ankur & Jalpa

  • Yashoda Giri

    Wow….. what an article for awsome couple who live their life on what they speak.
    Thank you Raj and Sunita for setting right example to follow. Really blessed to be Part of your organization.

  • kanti gala

    congratulations , go founders and make that money,

  • Shobhan Pattanaik

    Raj & Sue,
    Thanks a lot for being a role model couple for us to follow. Thanks for leading by example in each aspect of life and business. I feel blessed that we are part of your team.

  • sandesh siwakoti

    Raj and Sunitha,
    it is a great joy of anyone who can know you both as a person and all those words you have shared not just reflect what you say, but also who you are.
    I am really so blessed to be part of your team and family. looking forward to spend some quality time with you both on the beaches of the world. thank you for your unconditional love and support.

  • s Subbu & Soumya

    Dearest Raj & Su,

    Just looking at your picture/profile as NEW EMERALDS in the Achieve Magazine is absolutely inspiring. You are an absolute blessing in our lives.Thanks so much for being such tremendous role-models for us in all areas of life and business. We are super fired up to be a huge part of your DIAMOND-GOING TEAM THIS VERY YEAR by plugging into the Nambiar Vision of 10 cities with 40 IBOs each. Do count on us to be huge contributors as part of the Yandooru/Chandan/Roy team!

    Love & Respect,
    s Subbu & Soumya (Minneapolis)

  • Subbu & Soumya

    Dearest Raj & Su,

    Just seeing your profile/picture on the Achieve Magazine as NEW EMERALDs is absolutely inspiring! Thanks so much for being such solid role models in all walks of life and business for us. Feel so grateful and privileged to be a part of your team! So blessed to be a part of your DIAMONDSHIP this year by contributing towards the NAMBIAR VISION OF 10 CITIES WITH 40 IBOships. Do count on us to be huge contributors towards it as part of the YANDOORU/CHANDAN/ROY team!

    Love & Respect,
    sSubbu & Soumya

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