Rewarding Inner Beauty – Jolene Conant

Jolene Conant, IBO. In the small town of Wenatchee in north central Washington state, a local pageant teaches young women about far more than walking the runway.

“As we built the pageant, we didn’t want it to be about outer beauty,” says Jolene Conat, an Amway IBO who helped establish Nuestra Belleza Latina NCW (Our Latin Beauty) in 2008. “We wanted to focus on beauty that comes from within,” Jolene says. “We wanted to mentor leadership and self-esteem, to teach these young ladies about community involvement and how important they are.”

Along with a handful of other volunteers, Jolene turned a dream about creating positive opportunities for young women into reality. By keeping the program small, they are able to operate on donations and focus on providing personal mentoring to each contestant. The annual competition includes a talent show, fashion selections, and interview, and results in the crowning of a queen, who receives a $2,500 scholarship. The other eleven finalists share $7,500 in scholarships.

“Every penny is brought in by fundraising, donations, and in-kind contributions,” Jolene says. “The community loves Young women, ages 18 to 23, are eligible to compete for the scholarships. Their parents are encouraged to be involved every step of the way.

“We want their families to learn that there are many options for their daughters and sisters,” Jolene says.

Along with her husband, Art, Jolene says they have learned valuable lessons from their Amway™ business. “We learned how to share our hearts – what we were feeling and our personal enthusiasm for the business,” says Jolene. “In Nuestra Belleza Latina NCW, it is sharing my enthusiasm for the future of these young  women. My hope is to help make this program sustainable for the next 50 years.”


  • Natasha

    It is a very excellent work to find the beauty. It is not only to find the beauty but also to find leader, self-esteem and young talent. Very good article for the women who wants to make it real. And the scholarship method is also inspirational.

  • This is such a wonderful ideal. I was very inspired by this article to help young ladies know that inner beauty is very important. Having a good positive self esteem and to be a good leader is a wonderful thing to install in young ladies today. As I build my business and when I’m financially able I would love to start an opportunity like this in my community. Maybe we could talk Jolene, you have my email. Thanks and keep you the good work.

  • Natasha

    All the system I’ve read was very good. The beautiful girl will be selected not only for their beauty but also for their exceptional skills. The most positive site will be the scholarship system. That’s called inner beauty.

  • By Lisa Deaton

    This is the very exceptional idea for find the beauty. This work inspire the woman. These girls really so nice and skillful. very nice article. Thanks for the post.

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