Roberto and Iliana Mieses



A second chance to shine – “We experienced a financial crisis,” says Roberto (Robert) Mieses, “and we survived it thanks to our Amway™ business.”

Robert had built a comfortable lifestyle for his family riding the real estate development boom earlier this century. (“I worked as an attorney, real estate agent, and insurance and mortgage broker in the business my brother and I built.”) Then the market went bust. It was like watching everything he had worked so hard for go down the drain. “We lost everything,” Iliana (iLy) replies.

Robert’s financial security wasn’t the only thing at stake because of his career. His time was so consumed by work that he barely saw iLy and their children, Vanessa (19) and Bobby (12).

“Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom to realize what you have left is what matters most,” she reflects.

“Our sponsor said to me, ‘You’ve had a gem in your hands this entire time,’” Robert says, referring to the Amway business they’d started years earlier. “At the time we got in, we had a great lifestyle, so I didn’t do much with it. But I loved the concept of helping people to help themselves. I felt like it was part of our ministry.” Now it was time to make their Amway business shine.

“It’s been quite the ride!” comments iLy, referring to all they’ve learned and how much they’ve grown. They don’t take for granted the time they now have to enjoy coffee together and dream of an even brighter future. “Someday we’d love to own a penthouse and travel to Greece,” she shares.

What motivates them the most, however, is “helping others to achieve their God-given dreams,” Robert says. “There are so many people who need hope and help, and we can bring it to them.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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  • Robert is a self starter, career oriented individual that knows what he wants. I am so happy he pursued a career in AMWAY. He is amazing at networking and developing new, They know how to improve ideas to help people move up in the business.
    Keep the GEMS rolling in!

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