Sajid and Sarwat Sayed

Enjoying the Harvest – Sajid came to the U.S. from India, and after getting his engineering degree, found a good job in the automotive industry. When he and Sarwat got married, she was just starting her college education. Their plan was to continue the status quo until Sarwat graduated.

But then a co-worker shared the AMWAY™ business opportunity with Sajid – and that changed everything.

“At first, I was thinking it might help me earn some extra income to help pay off my debts,” recalls Sajid. “But what really opened my eyes to its full potential was attending my first Free Enterprise seminar.”

He saw doctors, scientists, engineers, and other professionals who had not only achieved financial stability through their AMWAY businesses, but also had more control over their time. “They were able to do what they wanted in their lives, and I thought if they did it, I can do it, too,” recalls Sajid.

Sarwat wasn’t so sure. “Sajid was very introverted; I didn’t know if we had what it takes to succeed in this business,” she recalls. But she, too, changed her mind after attending a major function. She decided to postpone her studies and devote her time to building the business with Sajid while raising their two young children.

One of the best things about our business is that we don’t compete with one another. We help each other and are all working toward a common goal. – Sajid Sayed

Sajid credits his mentors with helping him gain confidence. “I listened to everything they said. I kept thinking about how this business is like a seed we plant and knew that one day, we would enjoy the harvest. I had faith in God we would succeed.”

Sarwat says the power of the spoken word gave her confidence. “Speaking my goals out loud made me believe I was capable of achieving them. And I really enjoyed helping other women, many of whom came from very conservative backgrounds, develop their self-esteem and become business owners.”

Today, their organization is in multiple countries. “We are super fired up about all the new markets we are in,” says Sajid. “And I find it so amazing how no matter what country people are from, we all enjoy the same products!”

Their success has enabled them to support a school for children of poverty in India, run by Sajid’s father. “And although we have hit many of our targets, we will also continue helping other IBOs on our team, who have been so loyal and supportive of us, reach their goals and dreams.”

The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs was $202.

Approximately 46% of all IBOs were active.

U.S. IBOs were considered “active” in months in 2010 when they attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended an Amway or IBO meeting. “Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus monthly bonuses and cash incentives. It excludes all annual bonuses and cash incentives, and all non-cash awards. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation.

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure


  • Jay & Savita from Sydney

    We learnt a lot from your CDs. Your story and wisdom always encourage us. Thank you for empowering people all over the world.

  • Sajid & Sarwat – Congratulations! We love them so dearly because of their way of doing thing. They are simple, they lead by example – their achievement gave us encouragement. When they say, “we don’t compete with one another. We help each other and are all working toward a common goal” make a huge impact on us. As Sarwat talked abut power of spoken words, we are also speaking our goals loud, and we are committed to achieve them. Thank you. God blesses all of us with His best!

    Ashraf & Selina

  • Taimur & Zainab Baig

    Thank you Sajid & Sarwat for aiding us in our achievments. We have learnt a lot from you. You are very successful in your business, yet your humbleness knows no bounds. We hope to make our uplines and you proud of us. We can’t wait to get Diamond done in a hurry so we can all enjoy together.

    Thank you so very much!!!!

    Taimur & Zainab
    Chicago, IL

  • Dearest CAM Sajid & Sarwat Sayed: You have impacted so many lives in such wonderful way. Your thoughts, Your words, Your actions have such unbelievable impact….Priya & I can only say from our story that you will be one of the greatest asset to the entire BWW-AMWAY globally. Your CD(s) give so much hope, your teachings have such profound impact on the team and everyone just want to glue and continue to observe and learn to grow. Your humbleness is unparallel and the way you talk about your uplines and edify them is a training in itself of how a human being can be so down to earth and build formidable truly WORLDWIDE business. Thank you for touching our lives in a special way and the only way ever we can pay back is by growing and we claim to be your BIGGEST legs churning out Dreamers after Dreamers and make this world absolutely fun place to live in…..Thank You & God Bless You !!!

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